Wake Up Well – Five Ways

  1.  Make Your Bed (straightaway!)

Research has shown (and this did come from the U.S.) that if you make your bed straightaway after waking up then all the other tasks for the day will fall into place. I tried this theory out this very morning. Since making the bed I have got showered, dressed, ironed and I wrote this blog. I kid you not. (And for those lazy days let our housekeeping team make it for you).


2. Down A Pint

Water is the key to all well being. And with the body packing over 90% of the stuff it is essential we keep it topped up. Starting off with a pint of the clear stuff not only re hydrates the body is is good for the heart, kick starting it into a good rhythm for the day. It also contributes to the 2 litres we should be drinking daily.


3. Wake Up To Music

Waking up to Chimes or Cosmic on your iPhone daily can have a negative affect on your day, especially if these are your daily risers. Set your alarm to some middle of the road music from your music playlist and edit your alarms accordingly. Coldplay, The XX or something with a nice intro build up are key.

Avoid the Bedtime function; your brain will be aware that your iPhone or Smart device is on ‘standby’, it’s like keeping one eye open when awake.

4. Stretch

You can’t beat a good click of the back in the morning. Pull out the yoga mat, poor the water and stretch those limbs into a new day. By doing this you’ll free up all the bunched up limbs from the night and be warmed up ready for the day.

5. Avoid Coffee…for at least an hour

And this is from a coffee lover. As beautiful as the ‘c’ word is a caffeine hit first thing in the morning could come crashing down on you middle of the morning. Start with a green tea or anything light such as fruit tea, that will be a good refresher and motivator to your day.


Ben Glover

Three Events To Look Forward To!

The nights may be drawing in (boo) but fear not dear guest, there are some things to look forward to in and around your serviced property!

Southampton Pride


August 26th 2017

This year the parade will take place outside The Guildhall Square at 2pm, where it will continue up West Marlands Road, down Above Bar Street to the Bargate Monument, around the monument, back up Above Bar Street to Guildhall Square and back along West Marlands Road.
Full details on the route are online; the idea is to get dressed up, bring your kids, your parents, your dog, your family and your friends! Be as colourful as you can and make some noise!
Then after it is all back to The Stage Door for an after party…


Prosecco Festival, Port Solent

Prosecco fest.png

14 Oct 2017 6.30pm – late

Join in for the inaugural Port Solent Prosecco Festival – an evening of fun, decadence and glamour by the waterside.


Port Solent is offering Prosecco lovers an evening to remember with a show stopping, Hollywood-style festival of Prosecco spread across the whole of the Boardwalk.

Included in your ticket price:

Five glasses of Prosecco

Souvenir glass

Goody bag

Live music

Fire dancers

Martini glass dancer

and much more…

So, to enjoy an evening of glitz, glamour and bubbles, come down and join us at our 2017 Port Solent Prosecco Festival.


Southampton Boat Show, Mayflower Park


15th – 24th September 2017

TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show is a spectacular world class annual event held in September and attracts visitors, exhibitors and investors from all over the world. An on-water Show boasting Europe’s purpose built Show marina located in Southampton, the cruise and boating capital of the UK.

The Show started in 1969 and is held annually in September. An important sales platform for both national and international businesses attracting over 110,000 visitors. The Show attracts high net worth individuals from the UK and around the world. TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show is one of Southampton’s biggest events and takes over the City for a 10 day period, whilst people of all walks of life discover what the marine industry has to offer them.

Travel Problems Solved By Tech

Travelling whether for business or pleasure can sometimes bring it’s stresses and tests! Now tech can come to the rescue.

RFID Chips

Say goodbye to the odd sock that you can never find in the morning. RFID chips can be sown into your sock that mate with an app in order to track the little blighter down. RFID tags, a technology once limited to tracking cattle, are tracking consumer products worldwide. Many manufacturers use the tags to track the location of each product they make from the time it’s made until it’s pulled off the shelf and tossed in a shopping trolley.

Coffee On The Go

Coffee maker.png

15 minutes in the working day is a long time. Save yourself time and money with making a brew from the comfort of your desk. The MoJoe mobile brewer gives you the chance to become all Barista with everything you need to make a fine cup. From grinding the beans to sharing the wealth with one of the two compact cups built in the coffee shop comes to you!

Airport Accelerator 

Airport Accelerator.jpg

Drones. Love or hate them they are here to stay. But have you ever tried to carry one with you? With the Airport™ Accelerator Quadcopter Divider Kit, you can easily convert one of our Airport™ Accelerator backpacks (sold separately) into a customised quadcopter transportation backpack.  On point with the new era of photographic possibilities and needs, the adjustable dividers offer multi-compartment convenience to hold every key component and accessories of a quadcopter plus supplies for the day’s outing. With its durable and changeable storage dividers, all of your gear and personal items are safe, organised, and at the ready.

Sandless Beach Mat

Sand Free Beach Mat

Calling all beach lovers! The Sandless Beach Mat is a revolutionary beach accessory that’s literally impossible to cover with sand. Initially intended for military uses, this clever sand-free ground sheet is perfect for a fun and stress free beach outing. Finally, no more annoyingly sticky sand! Now you can make the most of your seaside experience while lounging in the warm sunshine, reading a book, or spreading out a picnic.

Portable Cocktail Kit

Portable Cocktail Kit

What better way to get in the vacation spirit than with a portable cocktail kit, equipped with everything you need to craft two proper beverages in style, anywhere, anytime? Compact enough to fit in a pocket, W&P’s slick Carry-On Cocktail Kit is the best bet for mixologists on the go, offering a handy recipe card, stainless steel spoon/muddler, linen coaster, and all the ingredients for two proper in-flight concoctions.

Depending on your preferences, there are a variety of travel sets to choose from, from Champagne and Bloody Marry to Gin & Tonic and the original Old Fashioned.


Portable Antenna

Inspired by the disaster rescue and recovery operations following Hurricane Sandy, goTenna has been designed to keep Android or iOS devices connected even when there is no cellular service. Made of rugged materials, this pocket-sized two-way radio and antenna uses Bluetooth-LE to pair with a smartphone. This innovative technology allows users who possess the device to share messages and location info instantly within a range of up to 50 miles in ideal conditions.


Guest Champions!

Racing Hotel Princesa Yaiza, with a crew of: Alejandro Bethencourt Fuentes, Afredo Gonzalez, Hector Gonzalez, and Laiyin Francisca Ley Torres Jorge.

When it comes to serviced accommodation we cater and look after for everyone’s needs whether from a business or pleasure perspective. We like to thrive on the success of our guests and we are proud to announce recent residents and Spanish sailing team Rayco Tabares. They recently won the J/80 World Championship for a forth time. Based in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, they led the regatta, on the Solent, from the first day to the last, but did survive a technical hitch on the penultimate day.

Two second place finishes to clinch the world title in the closing days of the tournament. Experiences sailors will know a northerly breeze ranging from 10-18 knots shifts both to the west and the east, yet provided another testing race course in the Central Solent. All fourteen scheduled races were completed, much to the satisfaction of the competitors, which roundly showed their approval for a World Championship that organisers say was a ‘huge success’.

Town or Country were proud to cater for the needs of this award winning team, going above beyond to make sure you are champions.

Congratulations to team Hotel Princesa Yaiza!

Do you have successful news to share? Get in touch info@townorcountry.co.uk  


Five Sports You Need To Do This Summer In Hampshire

  1. Go Kayaking – River Hamble

You are only a stones throw away from some of Hampshire’s most beautiful waterways.

Kayak Hamble.jpg

The River Hamble begins at it’s mouth with Southampton water and continues down towards Botley. Why not launch from the Public Slipway of Swanwick marina and head towards Curbridge.

Banking off to the right takes you to the Horse & Jockey pub, a land mark for those who wish to pick up a bite to eat with a pint. Or steer left and head towards the YMCA Activities centre with plenty of fun to be had for all the family.

Play it right and you’ll pick up at least two pubs along the way…


2. Portsmouth Water Sports Centre

b912-hame multi small

Portsmouth Watersports Centre is based in the stunning Langstone Harbour with views of the South Down on the eastern side of the island. The Unique facilities host a wide range of land and water based activities such as Sailing, Windsurfing, Stand up Paddle boarding, Powerboating, Climbing, Archery, High ropes and much more. The Harbour offers an amazing variety of wildlife from rare birds to a large friendly colony of local seals.

There is a 20 station Expression gym on site available to use with stunning views looking out over the harbour while you workout too.

3. Kite Surfing, Hayling Island

Kite surf

Hayling Island traditionally has been a mecca for beaching it in the summer. It has since been the popular destination for kite surfing. So popular in fact the annual Kite Surfing championships take place with a little help from Sir Richard Branson, a regular visitor.

Get some info and lessons HERE

4. Saber Power boating

002.jpgSaber Powersports offer a unique range of Powerboat Experiences in which (on most boats) you get to drive. The 450HP Jet Viper is a unique powerboat thrill ride featuring a Hamilton Jet Drive that can out maneuver any other craft on the water.

The Honda Powerboat Taster session gives you the chance of driving a genuine offshore powerboat. Or drive the Thunderbolt a high performance inflatable catamaran built in South Africa for surf rescue.Or we do a mix of two boats, the 007 Experience and Superboat Challenge. Or all three boats-The Ultimate Day. Click HERE for more.

5. Southampton Water Sports Centre


At Southampton Water Activities Centre (or SWAC as we like to call it) they are passionate about water sports…from sailing and rowing, to power boating and the latest craze stand up paddle boarding.

So whether you’ve never been in a boat before and can’t tell the pointy end from the flappy bit, or if you’re a seasoned sailor looking to improve, they guarantee  a course, experience or package that will be perfect for you.

With over 25 years of experience in operation, a talented team of instructors, and a hugely impressive array of boats and equipment, Southampton Water Activities Centre is the perfect place to indulge your passion for life on the water. Our expert team are in place to help you Discover, Explore or Excel all that there is to love about sailing and power boating. In fact it is so good you spot one or two of the Town Or Country staff on the water too, especially our company director.

Content: Ben Glover

How To Keep A Cool Head In The Office

As the UK basks in it’s one week of sunshine for the summer sometimes it is hard to keep a cool head, especially when it comes to business. Use these for when the heat is really on


It starts at the wardrobe. Choose wisely. By the time lunchtime comes you would probably already sweated the equivalent of three pints just walking to the photocopier. Keeping things light and airy are the way forward. For the gents don’t be afraid to rock the linen look, it’s back in for summer ’17. You can still look smart, even with a pair of shoe socks. And for the ladies a light flowing dress will certainly keep the airflow through the office. If you are having a trousers day keep the top half light with a loose blouse or top.

Avoid heavy food on the lunch breaks. Nipping to Nandos with the IT lot this lunchtime may not be the best decision ahead of the afternoon graft. Consuming carbs such as bread, pasta or potatoes gives the body a longer digestive time in the heat, especially if you are already tired, as your body is already producing some breaking it all down. Grabbing something like a salad not only lightens up the rest of the day it will be part of your five a day. Well done you.

Avoid the coffee. Yes and this is the hard part of summer but caffeine and heat don’t marry too well. Coffee dehydrates the body and that is never a good thing. Switch your latte for a fruit cooler, packed with plenty of energy and vitamins to get you through the day. Or why not make your own at home.


Water, water, water. Ditch the plastic bottle with sports cap you got with your meal deal at Tesco and settle for a 2 litre monster from Amazon. Set yourself a goal by taking in a water bottle that has fluid levels on the side of it. That way your can gauge how much you drink (at least 3-4 pints a day). This could be a hard task but it doesn’t have to be. As soon as you wake up by downing a pint of water first thing not only sharpens up the senses but helps the heart get out of it’s sleep mode and hydrated. Oh and that is the first pint done; just 3 more to go. It will contribute to looking after your bladder too, with the aim for your urine to be as light in colour as possible. If it’s too yellow or dark drink more.

Audio bliss. By listening to music this can help keep you cool, perfect for the commute in or out. Classic FM might be a bit extreme but by treating your ears to The XX or Dua Lepa will certainly keep you cool with the kids…

Ice polls in the freezer. Take yourself back to the age when you didn’t have a care in the world and cola iced polls tasted better when melted. Relive your ‘youff’ by bunging in a bag load into the work freezer. They are good fun to hand out during the lunch break or at the desk.

ice polls.jpg

Switch off. Monitors, desk tops and even mobile phones all bang out the heat when they are sat at the desk. Switch them off when you do not need them. This includes the light bulbs or if you are still living in 1981 turn off the spots and replace them with LEDs that give off less heat.

Breathe deep. A yogic breathing technique can help you stay cool. Roll your tongue and breathe slowly through the mouth, to help lower body heat and ease stress. Breathe in through your rolled tongue (or, if you’re not genetically able to, purse the lips) and exhale through the nose. Breathing through the mouth should allow your saliva to cool the air you breathe before it enters your lungs. Best done out of the office for fear of making you look a right div at your desk.

Day dream. The office day dream is often the best part of the day. By thinking of being in the snow or staying in an ice hotel can help reduce the temperature.

Sleep well and naked! There is nothing wrong in going commando. The less clothes at bed time the better. Pull out the duvet and sleep with the sheet on top of you. That way you get the best of both worlds and a good sleep!

Ben Glover

Weekend Manoeuvres June 2017

Charmed Life @ The Bandstand, Southsea

Band stand

Charmed Life Festival, Portsmouth newest family orientated gathering, will be taking over The Bandstand Saturday June 10th from 1.00pm-4.00pm, promoting and showcasing our main event Charmed Life Festival on September 23rd in Victoria Park Portsmouth! We have 3 cracking bands booked for the day;

1.00pm-1.45pm Sweetener
2.00pm-2.45pm The Great Sultans
3.00pm-4.00pm Indiana Quiet Cats

We also have free face painting/glitter for the duration of the event for the little ones. Grab some beers and a picnic and join us for the afternoon.

We will then continue on into the evening where Charmed Life will be putting on a FREE after party for over 18,s only at The Shack Bar in Albert Rd Portsmouth. We will have live music from 5.00pm- 9.00pm and then a DJ from 9.30pm-1.30am.

There will be 20% discount on all food and a wide range of beers, spirits and cocktails though out the night! 


HMS Sultan Summer Show


The personnel of HMS Sultan are delighted to announce that the spectacular HMS Sultan Summer Show will return again as the perfect entertainment for the Father’s day weekend of 17 and 18 June 2017.

The ever popular event held in Gosport, regularly attracts visitors from all over Hampshire and this year’s Summer Show is certain to delight once more with plenty on offer.

The HMS Sultan Summer Show continues to operate under its policy of offering exceptional entertainment at an affordable price while raising vital funds for local and Service charities.

All of this, plus air display areas, music and entertainment, Fun Fairs and more, promise to make the HMS Sultan Summer Show 2017 a truly great day out for the whole family.

Details of attractions can be found at : http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/news-and-latest-activity/news/2017/april/28/170428-sultan-tickets-now-on-sale

Gates will be open on both days at 10:00 with tickets available at £20 family (2 Adults & 2 Children*), Adult £8, OAP/Disabled £6, Child* £4. Tickets are available from a number of vendors and online at: https://hmssultan.ticketsrv.co.uk/

*Child aged 5-14, UNDER 5s FREE!

More information can be found on our website: http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/sultan-show


The Virgin Kitesurfing Festival, Hayling Island

Kite surfg.jpg

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada Festival takes place June 9th-11th on Hayling Island, nr Portsmouth. The island is legendary for it’s kite surfing, so much so Sir Richard Branson has invested into the event (if you are vigilant you may just see him on the waves!).

Even if you don’t fancy getting involved it is great to watch and there is plenty for the kids to do plus some live music.


Waterside Market, Port Solent

The waterside setting of Port Solent is perfect for a market. With over 30 unique and independent stalls to peruse you can be sure of a bargain or two most Sundays. Perfect if you are staying in our Port Solent serviced properties.

Last Minute Places To Visit For Half Term!

It’s half term and the kids are already bored! Grab some fun days out in the last few days off!

Time Travellers! Half Term Activities

Time Travellers! Half Term Activities

New Forest
SO42 7ZN

Family Archaeology Morning

Milton Locks Nature Reserve, Locksway Road, Milton, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 8LT

Image for Family Archaeology Morning


Suggested donation £4 per child

Serviced Accommodation is GOOD for your health

As a frequent flyer you know it can be tough, quick meals between meetings, rubbish plane food and not to mention the fast food which seems to be the cheap and easy option. But how much is this putting yourself at risk? Staying in a serviced property can help reduce the risk.

Serviced property cooking

You are surrounded by a gym – just open the door

What is the point of a treadmill or bike that just sits inside a sweaty gym? OK, great for when it rains but with so many of our serviced properties located within some stunning scenic areas sometimes all you need to do is step outside.

Whether it is a brisk walk around Ocean Village Marina, Southampton or a run around Southsea Common there is the perfect spot for you.

Did you know we are located near some of the best places to get some exercise and fresh air:

  • New Forest
  • Hill Head beach
  • Southampton Common (great for jogging)
  • Southsea sea front
  • Port Solent Marina
  • The Isle Of Wight (a short ferry ride away)

Get a Discount on proper food

Scheduling time to eat properly during a hectic day is something we know can be a challenge. Eating right and healthy, and we don’t need anymore reminders, can contribute to well being. With many of our partners offering generous discounts with our exclusive guest card there has never been a better time to balance your day or reward yourself with something at the end of the day.

Get Healthy – Eat indoors

Breakfast is the best meal of the day. With our Breakfast packs we can make sure it is just that, starting your day the right way without the UHT milk.

If you are worried about your expanding waste line from grabbing easy and fast food during the day we offer a better option. Serviced accommodation provides everything to cook with. So whether it is knocking up a meal for one or more our fully equipped kitchens are a great place to cook, all you have to bring is you and not your kitchen sink (we have one of those).

Stress. None

Serviced properties are designed for the professional, for convenience and to relax. When you have completed your reports or letters at the office space provided it is time to chill on a deep sofa, relax on the balcony with a glass of something nice or catch up on Netflix with our fast and free WiFi.

What is more we take the hassle out of the return leg home with a washing machine and cleaning/ironing facilities in order for you to be ready of the day.

Kick the hotel into touch

Balance watching can be stressful. Tapping your bank app to check how much is left or having accounts on your back because the budget is spiralling out of control is enough in itself. It’s time to kick the hotel into touch and think about serviced accommodation. Pay per property and not per person; making the budget stretch more if there are a few of you bunking together or you are a family. This gives you more money to spend on either food, days out or just simply saving it for a rainy day.

Do Not Disturb. We won’t. Serviced accommodation is based on your space in your time. The aim is to give you a good night’s sleep and wake refreshed without any early knocks to the door or phone calls to your room

Content: Ben Glover

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