Five Festive Events Near You!

Southampton Ice Rink at Westquay

Southampton Ice Rink at Westquay

The Esplanade, Medieval Walls
West Quay Shopping Centre
SO15 1QE

023 8202 6380


Looking For Some Friends?


Moving out of your comfort zone and into the unknown puts you on edge, raises the anxiety levels and makes you want to take a step back. You’re looking for a smooth transition and a settling in time of pretty much now. And we know how you feel.

So how can we help? 

We have vast experience of helping guests relocate and make the moving process as comfortable as possible. We often go the extra mile to ensure you are made to feel at home. Here is how:

  • A home from home.

All our serviced properties are made to feel homely, based on experience of previous guest feedback and for those who want so much more than a hotel room. What is more, our business is a family one with well over 4 decades of knowing what you need to be comfortable (good size beds, fully equipped kitchens, washing facilities etc).

Our living areas are designed to optimise the maximum in comfort with wide screen TV and comfy sofas. Perfect for having friend and family stay.

  • Finding a Squad.

Finding new friends can be the toughest hill to climb. At Town or Country we can point you in the right direction if networking nights whether for business or pleasure. Our in-house B2B manager can offer you the right events to attend as well as our social media platforms with plenty of options.

Our Discount Card not only offers exclusive money off the finest wining and dining experiences, it gives you the chance to get social and meet new people.

  • Product Placement

Many of our serviced properties are located within good distance of city centre locations. We make sure that each property gives you the chance to have access to public transport and motorway links giving peace of mind if new to the area.

  • Shopping

You know what, we can even fill the fridge and cupboards of your serviced property so you won’t have to go miles looking for the local SM. All our welcome packs give info on what is in the area as well as useful contacts, including our out of hours service making life…well, nice and easy for you.

Whether short term or looking for a place to stay while you get settled, Town or Country can be at your side.

New EXCLUSIVE Discount Card Partners!

We have an exclusive offer for you. It comes in the form of a little card that offers generous discounts to some of the finest drinking establishments and eateries within the Town or Country area. So step out of your serviced property and enjoy money off with us!

Banana Wharf
Ocean Village, Southampton. SO14 3JF
15% off drinks and food
Telephone: 02380 338 866
Grand Cafe
Ocean Village, Southampton. SO14 3JF
15% off drinks and food
1 South Western House, Southampton. SO14 3AS
15% off drinks and food
Town Quay Road, Southampton,
SO14 2AR
telephone : 02380 221159
Shrimp and burger
15% off Food & Drink
29 Bedford Place, Southampton. SO15 2DG
Telephone number: 02380 338898
15% off Food & Drink
3 Arts Quarter, Guildhall Square Southampton. SO14 7DU
Telephone Number 02380 337171
15% off Food & Drink
325 – 327 Shirley Road Southampton SO15 3HW
Telephone: 02380 764522
10% of food Mon – Sunday
Please telephone for a booking on
Thurs, Fri and Saturday.
33-34 Oxford street, Southampton, SO14
3DS Telephone: 02380 635043
10% off total bill.
2-4-1 cocktails Wednesday – Sunday
Canute’s Pavilion,
Ocean Village Southampton SO14 3TN
02380 333221
15% off food bill Sunday – Thursday
Kutis Indian and Kutis Thai Restaurants
10% off food bill Saturday and
37 – 39 Oxford Street Southampton
SO14 3DP. Telephone 02380 221585
Kutis Royal Thai Pier
Sun – Thurs 15% off food
Fri – Sat 10% off food.
Med bar
30 Town Quay Southampton SO14 2AQ Telephone: 02380 339211
20% off food. 2 for 1 on Cocktails.
Please telephone for reservations Fri & Sat.
50 Oxford Street, Southampton. SO14 3DP. Telephone 02380 231555
15% off Food
Ground Floor, Salisbury House Salisbury
Street, Southampton
SO15 2AZ. Telephone 02380 330815
 10% off All Food
please telephone for reservations Friday & Saturday
40 Oxford Street, Southampton, SO
14 3DP. Telephone 02380 225227
15% off food & drink
Sunday – Thursday (not including Sunday Carvery)
37a Oxford Street, Southampton. SO14 3DP. Telephone number 02380
15% off food & drink
Sunday – Thursday for parties of 6 & below.
5 Canute Road, Southampton, SO14 3FH. Telephone number 02380 331477
15% off food & drink
Sunday – Thursday for parties of 6 & below.
No4 canute
4 Canute Road, Southampton, SO14 3FH. Telephone number 02380 337644
15% off food & drink
Sunday – Thursday for parties of 6 & below.
The T’s & C’s:
Loyalty Card must be presented when requesting the bill so the discount can be taken off the final bill. Please note selected restaurants are offering discounts on drinks and food and all restaurants are offering discounts on food. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Loyalty Cards must be handed back with the property keys on departure or a £30 fine will be incurred.

town or country corporate discount card

Live Blog: Hotel v’s Serviced Apartment (From a Guest Point of View) v1


Budgets. These days a poignant topic for any household. So what is it like for the solo traveller on a budget of £170? A regular guest to Town or Country gives you the lowdown on their stay in both.

Day 1 Wednesday

1300 – Check In

The hotel I stayed at we offering a one night stay in a standard room at approx £170 (including breakfast). Situated on a busy arterial road, just outside a town centre it offered a close link to the motorway, perfect for work. Car parking was easy and the whole process, although long winded seemed to go OK. Initially there was not a room available to me but after a call to housekeeping I was in within 20 minutes. Card details left I made my way to a double room (x2 single beds).

1330 – Room Entry

The hotel was fairly large in size, two stories high and I was on the second floor. It was a bit of a walk, especially with lap top bag, duffel bag and large dry bag in tow. As you would expect, the room was nicely made and there was plenty of storage. As a music junkie the in-house info-tainment was switched on and I unpacked my bags.

Logging onto the WiFi took a while and it was very slow. I had a good signal but was just not able to get a good speed to connect iPhone, Chromebook and tablet.

The usual suspects were in free of charge; kettle, tea, coffee and those annoying cartons of milk (usually four is sufficient just for one mug!). The bathroom housed it’s standard shampoo, conditioner and soap, good quality too. Oodles of towels as standard. For now the luxuries would have to wait, it was time for work and I would be back late into the evening.

1400 – Depart hotel to work

Day 2 Thursday

0130 – Bedtime

Was later back in than planned. The foyer doors were closed but on activating the concierge bell I was let in and trekked a few hundred yards to my room. It was warm, cosy but I was not expecting so much traffic along the adjoining arterial road. Even that early in the morning and with decent soundproofing I did struggle to get to sleep.

The bed was comfy albeit that I am a fussy pillow man (I like a fairly firm one underneath a soft one on top). Being of a tall frame, 6 feet seven in stock, beds are a problem. And if you are a ‘sprawler’ often feet hang out of the duvet. That said it was comfortable.

0700 – Rude Awakening

There is nothing that gets my goat more than being woken up by noisy voices or in this case roadworks. The A road I was residing next too appears to be going for construction that would be worthy of the Noble Prize. I’ve never seen so many cones or diggers in one space. I decided to get up and use the free gym on site.

I didn’t opt for the breakfast option, quite frankly £10 for a full English compared to the £4.99 unlimited a restaurant was offering 2 miles down the road just wasn’t worth it. I opted for a pack of travellers Corn Flakes (the Variety pack issue).

0800 – The gym

As a keen fitness buff (I am one of those annoying selfie-ers on Insta that loves to show off in my active wear) I made use of the free gym on site before check out at 1200. It was OK, equipment limited and ageing although adequate for a quick blast. At one point I had the whole place to myself which made taking selfies for my 1300 followers much easier.

0900 – Shower

I don’t have to go into great detail here, a hotel shower in a standard room, is just a jet of hot water thrown out of a tile. And being of tall stature I did struggle to get right under as it is unable to be removed or adjusted in height. (I used my own shower gel and kept the posh stuff for another time, I mean, who doesn’t, right?). Just the two towels were used, quite frankly anything other than that and I feel another hole on the Ozone layer would occur inducing a guilt trip for the laundry team. I am sure that is not the case but a tree has been saved.

A hair dryer was hidden inside one of the drawers by the mirror, it did the job. And in honesty, so did the room.

1000 – Check out

I did have a word at the desk regarding the noise, I don’t often like to complain but that fact I looked like death after a long day at the office and a few hours decent kip I did get a bit of money off. Not much though. Staff were friendly and I made my way out of the foyer and back into my car.

‘Overall, if looking for a basic stay, for under £170 it was OK. Staying as a business professional perhaps, if budget allowed, a more upgraded room would be appropriate. But for well over £200 the budget could just not justify. It was neither luxurious nor thrilling for the money. But, I cannot help but feel that, as a serviced accommodation regular, there is better for value with your own apartment. And I am not just saying that’.

Keep an eye on the next ‘live’ blog for the reasons why as we stay in a city serviced property on a similar budget.

Blogger: Mik Matthews (Business Professional)

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

If your circumstances suddenly change or you may have to relocate because of work finding the right, temporary property can be hard. Here are some reasons why choosing a serviced property with Town or Country can relive that stress. If the following criteria falls into your life plans stay with us.


Your Property Needs Some Work

The builders are moving in and you have to move out. Or perhaps the boiler has just burned its last flame and winter has just begun. All our properties and fully furnished, all you have to do is move in.

Bring the Family

As a family run business we know the importance of life together. We have a portfolio of serviced properties to fit your lifestyle, from town houses to studio apartments, we have something across the range for you and your family. We have houses that have their own garden and for the kids to run about in and you can even bring your pets.

Somewhere Unique to Stay

Not only do we have beautiful inner-city properties but something unique on offer. Stay in our Grade II listed Imperial apartments of historic South Western House. Or maybe you fancy the modernised luxury of our Chapel, a 12 century church on the out skirts of Southampton? We offer properties with sea views and duplex experiences.

Work Life, Social Life

social media

If you are relocating due to a new job or simply that your work brings you to the south coast we can offer that short term buffer until you get yourself settled. Our social media platforms offer the chance to be part of local life or if you just want to chill.


We get that hotels may offer a ‘cheaper’ room. However did you know for similar price you could roam about in a fully serviced property with a fully equipped kitchen and entertainment system? What is more our in-Housekeeping service ensures that your property is maintained to the highest standard everyday.

Extra Benefits

We are the only serviced accommodation company that gives you and exclusive money off Discount Card to use in the cities finest dining and wining restaurants and bars. If offers discount on your coffee and even beauty treatments. And the best bit? It’s included in the price.

There are so many other positive benefits to staying in a serviced property, some with stunning views across the city and rural areas of Hampshire that make your stay that extra special and stress free.

Ben Glover

Fight The Cold! Six Foods To Help You

Often, some hotel rooms are not cleaned to the right standard, air cons are filthy, dust is under the bed and surfaces not properly cleaned.

But did you know you can boast your immune system without the help of the flu jab?

Green Tea

Enjoy a hot cup of green tea in your serviced property and you’ll reap the drink’s amazing antioxidant benefits. Add a slice of ginger or lemon to boost immunity.


Probiotics, found in yogurt and other naturally fermented foods, help your body maintain a healthy and strong immune system.

Sweet Potatoes

Can’t get enough sweet potatoes this time of year? That’s a good thing: Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, which fights free radicals that could weaken your immune system. Fire up the over, chop some hearty cuts of sweet potato and make into wedges.


These bad boys are packed with beta glucans, which help the body fight infection. Just avoid pickingthe big ones in the woods…


This fish is an excellent source of selenium, which helps protect cells from free-radical damage and boosts your immunity.

Pumpkin Seeds

Before you throw out what you carved! Pumpkin seeds are full of zinc, which helps white blood cells fight off illness. Even better slightly roasted.

Our in house keeping time pride themselves on a good hygiene performance to make your stay perfect.

Our in house keeping time pride themselves on a good hygiene performance to make your stay perfect.

Ben Glover

6 Things To Do On A Dark Evening!

Winter is en-route but your serviced property and beyond can be a fun place to be!

Duplex view

Grab The Bean Bag

Turn down the lights, snuggle into the bean bag and read. These is nothing better than being all cosy whilst reading a good novel. And if you are feeling even more up for it duvet it up on the balcony of selected properties and enjoy with a cup of something hot!

Not brought your book with you? Pop into our Oxford Street office and browse a selection or two…

Cheese and Wine Night

Not only can we fill your fridge but we can do our best to source you the right food for you and get it delivered. So if you fancy a cheese and wine tasting night get in touch and we’ll do the rest. (And don’t worry about any spillages on the carpet, our housekeeping team are experts in cleaning).

All ’round To Your’s!

The beauty of a serviced property is that you have the space to accommodate friends and family. Cook up a hearty meal in our fully equipped kitchens, serve in our dining space then retire to the sofa for a board game.

Box, Set, Match

All our serviced properties and fitted with flat screen TVs and the fastest WiFi around. Bring your downloads, spill onto the telly and enjoy. And with a selection of the finest HD channels on Freeview there is plenty to choose from like sport, news and films. Or maybe you fancy a boxset binge – we have the place to do it.

Late Night Walk

night walks.jpg

Southampton and Portsmouth have plenty of history so get all intellectual. Enjoy an organised stroll around the city, from the delights of our very own South Western House apartments to Southampton docks and the old town this place really comes alive at night. Keep an eye on here and of Facebook page for more.


Yep, it’s that time of year again. The moment it gets dark you know a fireworks are only a blast away. This year sees the return of some spectacular displays in both cities:

Gunwharf Quays Fireworks 2017, Thursday, November 9, 2017


Mayflower Park Fireworks
Presented by Southampton Round Table No. 4
Saturday 4th November
The gate opens at 3pm for access to the fun fair. Live entertainment starts at 6pm.
The fireworks start at 7:45pm.
The gate closes at 7:15pm. Late arrivals may be refused entry.
Adults £6, Children aged 15 & under £4, Under 5’s Free
Ben Glover



How Will We Get About In Ten Years?

You’ve heard it all before, oil is scarce, diesel and electric cars are going to be banned and we are all going to go to work on hover boards. Nah. Whilst the latter may not be true and a figment of the imagination (thanks Doc Brown) the reality is we must change.

The world is being strangulated by our own inventions; rain forests are being cut down, ice bergs melting quicker than your 99 whippy in a sauna and our lungs have so much CO2 in them we may as well ditch the flake and suck on a tasty exhaust pipe.

Fast forward to ten years and it seems electricity will be the chosen fuel to get us about. Back in the 80’s the future once was laughed at with visions of us all making our way to work on glorified milk floats or at best the Sinclair C5. But the decade that brought us the battery powered car may have been on to something.

Today it is actually quite cool to join #TeamElectric with some exciting cars including the Tesla X, 0-60 faster than a Bugatti Veyron or the Porsche GT with it’s petrol/hybrid engine. And there it is. I tried so hard not to mention the ‘H’ word but it is the future.

Yes we have the Toyota Prius which has led the way for many years and a Hollywood favourite. Volvo, BMW and Volkswagen have pledged to go all or part electric with their range by 2040.

This is all well and good but how will electric power our bigger modes of transport? Planes, articulated lorries, tankers? Only recently one of the world’s largest car transporters, MV Auto Eco, arrived in Southampton powered by a diesel and natural gas turbine. Auto Eco is powered by LNG and joins other vessels in port using this technology today. Solar power and hybrid technologies are also being used in the port and we have also seen significant reductions in power requirements for ships as new technology reduces the load.

So how will we get to and from the serviced property to work or around the city in the future? Radio Taxis and even Uber offer the chance to ride in hybrid cars or even the fully electric powered Nissan Leaf. That’s a start. 



YoBike is a completely new style of shared-cycling programme and has recently landed in Southampton. There’s no docking stations, limited bike availability or 30 minute maximum cycling penalties. Our motto is pretty simple ‘Get Around for Just £1’ and that simplicity is something we carry right through our scheme. With YoBike it’s as simple as 1, Download the app 2, Locate & Unlock, 3. On your bike.


A ‘sexy’ looking tram in Birmingham

The days of trams around Portsmouth and Southampton are long gone, although it’s past can still be spotted if you head into the back streets of the city and slide your way across remaining track. Like trains trams are powered by electric, efficient and reliable. They share the roads with other vehicles or in some cases use existing track infrastructure for dedicated access to key points.

With many cycle ways that once played home to the train across the south it is already laid out and ready to roll, give or take a few Quid and a trim of some over grown trees.

Solent Go

Solent Go is the hub locating car clubs that you can simply just turn up to and rent a car. With many options across the south coast, including Eastleigh in Southampton they offer a full range of propelled options including hybrid. Handy for those guests who are staying short term and did not bring their own car. A good way of getting about for a small fee and with their own parking spaces.

Water Taxi


OK, so Venice it ain’t. But for those who need to commute from city to city a water taxi is not a bad option. Set off from the jetty of Port Solent and by in Ocean Village Southampton within the hour (weather depending of course).

These are just a few of the options left on the table when it comes to getting about the city. The question is: will the infrastructure be in place by 2017? Will the cycle ways be safe enough for us to travel down? Will there be enough power points about to charge our vehicles? Will electric costs go through the roof? Who knows. For now though stick to the free power that can easily be charged and won’t cost a lot to replenish…your own body.

Ben Glover

Writer, contributor, social media commentator.



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