Toca History: The Titanic Walks


Toca History: Titanic Walk


Southampton City Centre is steeped in history with many of our properties near by, some of which are part of the history themselves! We take a look at one of the famous parts of the city of which are actually closer than you think.

We all know the story of that famous ship the RMS Titanic. Setting sale on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic from Southampton. Sadly on the 14th April 1912 she sank after hitting an iceberg. Out of the 2,223 onboard1517 lives were lost on that day (549 from Southampton) which became the biggest peacetime disaster in history.

We have all seen the film of which part it was filmed at South Western House where Town Or Country have luxury properties (see Imperial Apartments link below). A lift was used in the scene where Jack (Leonardo Di Caprio) was trapped as he tried to get himself and his lover Rose (Kate Winslet) out of the sinking ship. It is still there to this day. In fact South Western house accommodated many of the Titanic passengers before they set sail on that fateful night. It is now a Grade II listed building due to its heritage and grand design. Rumour has it the grand staircase was the inspiration for that of the Titanic itself.


Imperial Apartments

Walks have been set up to retell the history and love affair with Southampton and the Titanic. Many are self guided and offer a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the day, including some fine restaurants on the way.


 Southampton Terminus Train Station

On entry to South Western House you can see the frame of the old railway terminus that once was the drop off point for passengers joining the many glorious cruise liners that departed Southampton docks. It was also the final point of call for first class passengers of the ‘boat trains’ that would alight here from London and with the help of porters be taken to then the height of luxury. The station itself is now a car park (of which a space is available to you when booking) and the train line is still in use today for car freight heading abroad. Sadly not to the grand state it was once accustomed!


Situated next to the entrance of South Western house is the Grand Café. It is well worth a lunch or dinner visit, and is perfect for an after work drink or two with great atmosphere and gorgeous décor. With your Town or Country discount you can get up to 15% off too! Enquire on booking.


The Grapes Tavern, The White Star Tavern The Salvation Army Hostel

Oxford Street

Historic in itself it played host to the history of the Titanic, The Grapes public house was the Mecca for many of the boiler men and provided the perfect rest bite after a hard day shovelling coal into the giant burners of the grand ships. Still there to this day it provided a role in the Titanic movie.

Almost opposite stands The Alliance Hotel (now The White Star Tavern) that in 1912 played host to many passengers that were due to immigrate to Canada. Now offering fine dining or just a casual get together not much has changed inside in terms of decor. Next door to our office in Oxford Street is the Salvation Army building. Today it houses the city’s homeless but once was a refuge for bringing up boys ready to head to sea.


Canute Chambers

Step around the corner and enthusiasts of the tour may want to go one further by visiting various other buildings and places that make up the Titanic story.

This was the original office of Titanic operator White Star Lines that recently ended up derelict after a solicitors firm vacated. It was here the first messages came through about the disaster of their flagship while friends, family and staff gathered to hear the latest news of loved ones.

 There are plenty of other places to visit on this historic tour of which include the gorgeous Ocean Village Marina. For more info click here:

Nearest Properties:

Imperial Apartments B

Imperial Apartments H

Atlantic Close A

Oceana A

(Ben Glover)


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