Meet The Team: Nina Batley (Managing Director)

Each month you can meet the team behind Southampton’s leading service accommodation company Town Or Country. You will get to see what makes them tick and get to see the people behind the hotel alternative. This month we start at the top…with the boss!


Tell us about yourself in FIVE words:

Approachable,  Outgoing,  Driven, Resilient, Independent


What do you like about you role at Town Or Country?

Getting to see staff grow and achieve things they didn’t think they would


If you could pick a favourite destination in Southampton where would it be and why?

Waterside Park – the scene is always different depending on the weather and you can hear the waves lapping at the shore and the sun glinting off the water

Waterside Park, Southampton


Why do you think people should choose Town Or Country over a hotel?

We give you what a hotel can’t, space, privacy and a place to live not stay.

For more on this property click here:


You have landed on a desert island – you are allowed ONE song and ONE item and ONE photo, what would they be?

Song- The only way is up – Yazz & The Plastic Population

Item- hair conditioner

Picture- my wee dog

Sam – Nina’s dog.

You can contact Nina direct on: 02380881000

(main office)



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