Meet The Team – The Marketing Manager

Each month you can meet the team behind Southampton’s leading service accommodation company Town Or Country. You will get to see what makes them tick and get to see the people behind the hotel alternative. Meet Charlotte, our Marketing manager.

Tell us about yourself in FIVE words

Integral, Dedicated, Conscientious, Outgoing, Loyal.


What do you like about you role at Town Or Country?

I love the interaction I have between guests and clients. Everyday is a challenge and I enjoying seeking as well as completing them.


If you could pick a favourite destination in Southampton where would it be and why?

Ocean Village – from childhood memories of the arcades and coffee shops to the bars and restaurants there are today. I love showing my family the places where I used to hang out.

Ocean Village Marina - we have properties here too!

Why do you think people should choose Town Or Country over a hotel?

We offer that ‘home from home’ alternative at an affordable price – something hotels just cannot compete with.


You have landed on a desert island – you are allowed ONE song and ONE item and ONE photo, what would they be?

Song: Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

Item: Does my son count???

Photo: A photo of my family and friends (and hubby!)


You can contact Charlotte direct: or call +44 (0) 2380 881000

Meet the boss by clicking here!


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