Social Networking in Southampton

Being away from home or just relocating can be tough, especially if you are single or looking to meet new people. There are plenty of social networks that meet in the area. We take a look at one of the biggest on the South Coast.


It’s a constant thought as you get older, ‘Will I meet the right person?’ or ‘Am I going to be single for the rest of my life?’ Maybe you are a couple that have just relocated and begun a new life and looking for new friends. We have plenty of guests who stay with us while trying to find their feet in the city. While we do our best to make you feel comfortable we know it can be hard to adjust to a new life.

Sure Facebook and Twitter along with the other great social networking sites are great but do we really know who is on the other end? This is where social meet ups especially made for those who are seeking to make new friends come in. They can be a great source of friendship, links to community and of course business.

The Solent Social and Single Group is the south’s leading networking gathering for those aged 35-55. Meeting up for various activities from pub nights to walks and even exercise. Started almost 3 years go from just outside Fareham this group has many members that have enjoyed each other’s company and formed friendship and sometimes more since meeting.

And it is not just for the singles to mingle either, couples are welcome although it is recommended that you are up front about any relationship status you may be in. 

Taking that step forward to one of these events can be a bit daunting, however holding events in places such as bars, public places etc can be a huge ice breaker. 


SSSG does not charge to join (subs are asked when at events) and your profile is managed on-line. You can leave it at anytime and there is no pressure to feel you need to stick around. So, what do you have to lose?

One of our Town or Country guests tells us of his story after he relocated to Southampton. 

‘I had been offered a promotion in Southampton but had to move from my home in York. Town or Country offered the best choice temporarily until I could settle into life on the south. Whilst I am a social person at heart there comes a time when you think about settling down and meeting new people.

‘At the age of 36, single and career minded I looked at the on-line options and was not so keen. Then searching the web for social meet ups in the area put me in touch with some great people, some of which are now my friends. We’ve been in BBQ’s in the New Forest, Bowling, even to the Southampton Boat show and I feel I have found my second home. I am yet to find Mrs Right but am enjoying single life.’

At Town or Country we always pride ourself on going the extra mile to help you – we don’t just offer that ‘home from home’ experience. That is why WE are the hotel alternative.

For more on SSSG click here.


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