Top Self-Help Mobile Apps

Being away from home can take its toll, especially if you are travelling alone. But what if something happened? Would you know what to do in an emergency? Make the most of your mobile phone/tablet with these self-help apps.


First Aid – British Red Cross

What would you do if you saw someone choking in a restaurant, on a train or in your office? The British Red Cross app features what to do in 18 every day scenarios. Step-by-step advice, quizzes and videos make sure you know what to do in an emergency.





NHS Direct

A bit more than just a First App NHS Direct offer advice on what to do depending in the symptoms you find from dental pain to rashes. Advice can be saved and e-mailed to you for a later date. The app is linked to the call centre where you can submit your concerns and a nurse will contact you back.



My Instant Coach

This virtual life coach app helps deal with cases from finance, relationships and the personal issues. Life coaches are on hand to offer advice on what to do should you need them. Just scroll through and pick the heading that you most need help with.

 ImagePRICE: n/a


iShatter ImageDon’t take the daily stress out on the windows, mirrors or TV. With this app simply download, tap the screen and let the soothing sound of shattering glass relive the tension. And it actually does work!

PRICE: 0.79p


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