Breakfast Express!

At Town or Country we know time can be precious. And first thing in the morning is no exception. We have chosen some express meals so you don’t miss the important meal of the day

Posh Poached Eggs


x2 large eggs (free range)

x1 slice of bread (your choice)

x1 cheese triangle or cottage cheese

Totally simple this one. We just decided to make it a bit special. Boil a pan load of water and drop in a dash of vinegarette. Once on the boil gentry break the egg into the pan. Leave to them to simmer (about 5 mins max) and time to put in a slice of toast.

When the toast is done instead of butter use some cottage cheese – it is better for you. (Feeling adventurous? Swap the bread for asparagus).

Pile on the eggs when done and voila – what a taste! Top with a pinch of pepper and enjoy.
Total cooking/prep time: 5mins.

Baguel Booster!


x1 Baguel

x1 banana

Easy peezy. One toasted baguel, sliced banana on top of a layer of either chocolate spread or peanut butter. Then it is time to munch! This mini dish offers a good boost of energy and of course a slice of your five-a-day.

Fruit Muesli Sundae


x1 natural yoghurt

x1 1/4 cup of muesli

fruit slices (your choice, we aren’t going to force you)

Grab a glass from the cupboard. Pour out the yoghurt into the glass. After it settles add the muesli (or oats) and top with some sliced fruit. Pineapple chunks would be our choice.

Mediterranean Breakfast Pizza (microwave)



1 whole wheat flat bread pita

1 tbsp low-fat cream cheese

1 tsp garlic

1 handful fresh baby spinach

3 thin slices of tomato

1 egg


OK, so using a microwave maybe cheating but it is a time saver. Spread one side of pita with cream cheese. Put pita on a microwave safe plate. Place a handful of spinach on top. Top spinach with tomato slices and garlic. Crack egg in the center of the pita. Microwave on high for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes, depending on how you like your egg cooked.

These should keep you going and kick start the day with us. And if you are way to busy to shop for the rest of the day we can help here too. Click HERE for more!


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