5 Songs To Motivate You Right Now


The budget has been announced, it is still not quite summer and we are all looking for a bit of motivation. Here are 5 songs to lift you up right now.

1. Thrift Shop – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 

If hip hop and a catchy trumpet sample are your thing this is the song for you. A recent no.1 hit around the world and with a quirky video featuring big jackets, some skateboards and a Delorean get ready to swag!

Best Time To Listen: Getting ready to go out with friends or cooking for guests. Glass of wine optional.

2. I Could Be The One – Avicii/Nicky Romero

Dance DJ and producers collaborate to take you to hedonistic heaven via the new sound of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). OK, it maybe a bit Ibiza but the video says it all: girl stuck in dull office, dreaming of her past holiday, time to jack it all in. You only live once – or not (see ending).

Best Time To Listen: Maybe not in your office! Definitely the gym or getting ready to meet friends in a bar. Hide your passport.

3. Ready or Not – Bridgit Mendler

A more modern version of ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’. Kind of. It is all about friends having fun and gives reference to our most famous royal couple of the moment. Infectious, cheesy yet does the job.

Best Time To Listen: In the bath or perhaps before hitting the town and finding Mr/Mrs Right.

4. I Need Your Love – Calvin Harris feat Ellie Goulding

He’s done it again. The tall Scot writes a killer set of lyrics, accompanied by catchy samples and the enchanting voice of Ellie Goulding. Features an epic breakdown with a deep chorus. What more could you want to up lift you after a hard day?

Best Time To Listen: After that business deal went through, you got a pat on the back from the boss or someone good looking just joined your office.

5. Boomerang – Nicole Scherzinger

The former Pussy Cat Doll is back with a killer pop tune. Video aside (far too much leg if we are honest) the lyrics provide the perfect pick-me-up song when you have had the day or night from hell. Recommended hair brush for ultimate effect.

Best Time To Listen: After a separation, a job refusal or you just spent your savings on the car.

Ben Glover


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