Track Titanic

She was and is the most famous ship in the world, that 101 years ago was set on a feteful voyage. We Have all seen the film, studied the pictures and now we follow her journey almost in real time. But we have a close tie to the RMS Titanic as you are about to find out.
RMS Titanic left Southampton 101 years ago, almost to the day. She was the biggest ship of her kind, unsinkable and was well ahead of her time. Many of our guests are part of her history when they stay in one of our properties – South Western House.
This now Grade II listed building was the hotel stop of point for some of the passengers before embarking on their voyage. In fact, parts of the film Titanic were actually filmed in one of the original lifts – which are still there to this day.
While more press interest had been heaped upon the maiden voyage of RMS Olympic, Titanic’s maiden voyage did receive its fair share of attention.  Many Americans who had completed their Grand Tour of Europe wanted to be on board the first run out of the world’s largest ship.  Yet she was not full to capacity.

Titanic Timeline:

2nd April 1912
06.00-18.00 Belfast (Titanic Sea Trials)
08.00 Departs Belfast for Southampton (arrives on Thurs 4th April 1912, shortly after midnight).10th April 1912
Departs Southampton. Arrives in Cherbourg 90 minutes later.
08.10 Departs Cherbourg11th April 1912
11.30 Arrives in Queenstown (know as Cobh, Cork)
13.40 Departs Queenstown for New York City


14th April 1912
23.40 Titanic hits the iceberg


15th April 1912

02.20 Titanic founders


18th April 1912
21.00 Carpathia arrives in New York with the survivors of RMS Titanic

Titanic's Route Titanic's Route

If you wish to stay and be part of history South Western House is home to many of our apartments. Just search Imperial Apartments and take your pick.


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