‘Boris Bikes’ Southampton

At Town Or Country we are always looking for ways to keep green. With the introduction of ‘Boris Bikes’ to Southampton will they really contribute to your stay and help the city of Southampton? Ben Glover investigates more.

ImageThey were the butt of many jokes when the fold up bicycle (affectionately known as the ‘Boris Bike’) arrived on the streets of London. It was thought the annual fee was far too high, the traffic was going to cause too many problems and with bikes sharing lanes with the ‘bendy bus’ really didn’t stand a chance.

Now the bendy bus has gone and that special cycle routes around London are in place the scheme has, if some are reluctant to say been a success. The fact you can just SMS from your mobile to book a bike and it would be there is quite good. And now they arrive in Southampton.

The Brompton Dock in the city has made 40 folding bikes available to hire to the residents and visitors to the city. Members of the scheme register online at http://www.bromptondock.co.uk and pay an annual membership fee. They can then hire a bike by text message or reserve a bike or empty bay online up to twenty four hours in advance.

Stowage is in an automated locker system at Southampton Central train station and bikes can be kept as long as you like. They are a perfect solution if you are staying with us as each bike is light enough and folds neatly into a small space. Lights on the bike also make sure you get seen at night.


Brompton Dock has two tariffs, Frequent and Leisure; Frequent Members pay a £45 annual membership fee and then £2.50 per day to hire a bike. Leisure Members pay a £10 annual membership fee and then £5.00 per day to hire a bike.

This is a great solution to the ever growing problem of traffic in the city however, is Southampton ready for it? City of London spent millions on creating the correct lanes away from traffic for cyclists. Southampton, in my opinion, needs to catch up. The city itself attracts many large vehicles heading to the docks and of course you would have to be extra vigilant to the surroundings. And then we come to the British weather. Enough said!

That aside if your business requires just transport from apartment to the office we couldn’t think of a better way to get around and get fit. Unless you fancy jogging?

Nearest Apartments to Southampton Central: Devonshire House, Osborne House, Park View, Synor,


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