5 Ways To Motivate After A Bank Holiday


We’ve just had an amazing Bank Holiday. The sun has been out, the cafe/bars have been packed and we’ve actually had a taste of summer. But now, it’s back to work. Take a look at 5 ways to get your self going.

1. Start Your Day Well

Swap the coffee for green tea. Research has shown that drinking a cup of the green stuff can actually boost metabolism greater than caffeine. It can also help reduce weight as part of a calorie controlled diet. Yes, we know it is either a love or hate beverage but it will take time – and you can always add a little bit of sugar. Not too much!

Breakfast IS the best meal of the day. Grabbing a bacon roll first thing in the morning may not help the diet, yet sometimes being a ‘little naughty’ can help but a smile on your face. Then it’s back to a good healthy rest of the day!

Exercise is always best first thing in the morning. It boosts the body and throws the ‘good’ stuff into the bloody. Just 15 minutes of sit ups, press ups, squats (legs exercises have proven the best for men for energy) can set you up for a good day. Remember to have a shower after.

2. Music

Was there a track or song of the weekend? Did you hear something that was constantly in your head or on the radio? Good. Play it again. You probably had a moment when ‘that’ favourite song came on. Imagine you are part of the music video for it, be in it, exaggerate the thought if you have too. Take your mind away to that special moment and hold it. Having three or four minutes of ‘you time’ can put a smile on your face. 

3. Plan The Next Event

We’ve all been on that motivation course that our management have asked us to go on yet it wasn’t really a bad thing. And let’s face it, you got out of work for a few hours! Make sure you plan an event within the next few months. Perhaps it will be a weekend break with friends, a day trip to the beach or a weekend with us! Stepping out of the now and thinking ahead to something positive will give you a temporary boost. Having a focus and something to look forward to will make the weeks fly by. Promise! 

4. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Being part of the same routine is, quite frankly a ball ache. Day in day out you are doing the same thing. Get out of the zone and do something different. It doesn’t have to be a parachute jump at lunch time or skate boarding to office, just 10 minutes out of the zone can really help. It could be as simple as a new route to work, learning some new phrases of that language you are trying to learn (we recommend using apps) or pushing yourself that extra rep/mile during exercise. Even shopping for clothes you probably would not normally wear can make you feel good. Whatever you chose, something new to achieve after a long weekend take your mind off the fact you are heading back to a routine. 

5. Finally…

…remember it’s only a four day week. All down hill to the weekend!

By Ben Glover. 



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