Festival Gadgets!

It’s festival season! So whether you are planning to head to the Isle of Wight for Bestival (or the festival) these may just come in handy…


VW Camper Van Tent

Why take shelter in some dull conventional tent when you can recreate the Summer of Love in the hippie-tastic VW Camper Van Tent. Officially licensed, this four-man tent is a full-size replica of the iconic 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van.



12V Portable Shower

If you’re not one for communal “facilities”, this portable shower could be for you, as is powered from a 12V power supply

(- ie your car’s cigarette lighter socket, or 4 standard D cell batteries). Supplied in a handy storage bag, with suction

cups and a hanging hook for setting up.



Pebble Smartstick

We all love our smartphones/iPods and seeing that little battery drop into the red zone is like being thrown into a deep state of panic.

However, fear not with this smartstick which gives your phone a full battery boost anytime that you are out of charge.

Suitable for HTC, Blackberry, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung phones, iPhones and iPods,

cameras and portable games consoles. 



Pivothead Aurora Video Recording Eyewear

Designed to capture footage and weighing only 75g, saving you the hassle of carrying round a camera.

Comes In Various Styles / Colours



Miss Army Kit

This extremely handy gadget cunningly disguised as a useless girly tool has over 15 functions, including things like a perfume bottle (obvs.),

bottle opener, flashlight and knife.



Super Tough Camera

Olympus Tough Mju 6000 10MP

Hardcore photography for hardcore fans


Capturing those memories is an essential part of the festival weekend, but rainy afternoons, muddy swills and hard knocks can take their toll on budget cameras.

The 10 megapixel Olympus Tough Mju 6000 is built to last and can survive being submerged in water, covered in mud and bumped around in a bag all day with all those abrasive festival essentials, and still produce great looking photographs of all your favourite bands.



Mini video camera

Flip Mino HD

HD doesn’t have to be big and heavy

Photographs are great but they won’t capture that fantastic guitar solo, the buzz of the crowd or the way your mate’s tent floated away in a river of rainwater, mud and effluence the way you remember it.

Yes the screen is smaller than a postage stamp but the Mino HD really is so conveniently small that you won’t be without it again.



Overboard Waterproof cases

This might be the only thing that survives the flood

Picking the wrong festival can be a pretty wet experience but while you may dry out at the front of the mosh pit, your gadgets might not fare so well.

This range of waterproof cases will keep your digital camera, mobile phone and anything else dry even at the bottom of the most saturated bag.



Beer Holster

A belt for beer drinkers that can hold up to six 12 ounce canned drinks at a time so that you can keep your hands free to do more important things.

The beer holster is perfect for camping adventures, festivals, parties, outdoor gatherings and basically anywhere that there’s going to be beer.




Binocular flask

People sometimes tend to get the wrong idea when they see you stumbling around with a flask in your hand… particularly when you’re doing things like when you’re heading to a ball game or a festival and they only want you to buy THEIR drinks but their range on offer is limited on options and massively overpriced?

(Compiled by Kim Bajada)  


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