6 Reasons On Why You Should Move Abroad


You have been putting it off for a while and now the time has come. If you have had enough of the same old day-to-day routine and have of not having a summer time moving abroad is not as hard as you think…as ‘ex-pat’ Ben Glover finds out.


  1. It’s EU-easy

Being part of the European Union moving to Malta was actually quite easy. With the help of my new employer at the time all I had to do was register with the local Employment Training Centre and they did  the rest. Useful information was provided as well as a list of jobs and handy tips for living in another country. 

Skills many EU countries look for are English speaking or language translators, professions such as anything medical or teaching are a bonus. It is important to have the right documents in place as soon as you arrive and know the customs of that country. ID cards are compulsory in many EU countries. If you hold a UK driving license then there is no need to exchange for a ‘local one’

Non-EU countries are a little more harder to get into (such as Australia, Canada and America). These require various entry exams so brush up on the local history!

2. The World Is Getting Smaller

When I left my job in the UK I had a choice; either move up north of the country where it took over 6 hours to travel by road. Or do I move to a sunny Mediterranean island that is less then 3 hours flight time??? With the advancement of technology what is stopping you from working abroad? Many people I know in social media are based where they want to be so long as they have WiFi and a decent lap top. 

3. Appreciation

Being away from home will actually make you appreciate more things in life (family, friends, home comforts etc). It is good to get out of the ‘comfort zone’ and do something different. You will also find that working for a smaller company will really want the skills you posses in order to be the best. I went from working at one of the biggest radio groups in Europe to a radio station that is based above a cinema. Yet I actually get more out of it and feel more appreciation for the job I do. Why? You actually get to interact and see the management everyday, I am not just another ‘number’ that the ‘big wigs’ have only heard 5 minutes of and have never actually met. 

Do you really want to get 10 years down the line and think, ‘I never did that?’

4. You’ll Meet New Friends

I was kind of lucky when it came to family in Malta. My wife has Maltese family and making friends was pretty quick. Friends from all cultures and backgrounds. People with skills who ‘know people that know people’. Networking actually becomes easier – just make sure you return the favours. 

Being abroad will also make you see who your real friends are.

5. See the sights

Take note of the countries that are around you. You will be surprised how many new cultures there are to see. Since my arrival in Malta I have travelled to Rome, Berlin, Sicily and France. North Africa is only a 60 minute flight away and travelling ‘internally’ on EU flights has never be easier. Get those pins dropped on that map!

6. One Life, Live It

You only get one chance in life grab it while you can. Yes, when the bad times roll they are bad (you really need your friends) but nothing a good old Skype or Face Time chat wouldn’t sort out. Many employers in the UK and abroad are looking for people who have lived in other cultures, learnt a language and have gained experience through people skills. 

I volunteer part-time with the Malta Red Cross. Since I joined the team I have become a First Aider, a qualified certified response ambulance driver and am studying to be a medic. Skills I never had time to learn in the UK. and all this in the space of three years.


I wish you the best of luck and leave you with a typical Maltese saying,

If you don’t like it then you can always get on a plane and go home!’


Ben Glover



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