Stay Executive Fit!


Being an executive can mean a lot of time and effort put into your career. No wonder you have no time for exercise! It is not all bad – try these five tips and not only feel fitter but more active mentally.

Work out in the morning. Productivity increases substantially when you start the day with 30 minutes to an hour of vigorous exercise. You have more energy and don’t have to worry about it the rest of the day. Discipline needs to be high on the list as a 5 am start is a tough call! Start off with just a few days, work it up to five and give yourself a rest day at the weekend.

Recommended: a small jog around Ocean Village Marina – perfect on a summers morning.

Get a fitness buddy. Having someone by your side is a great way to get motivated. It doesn’t have to be an early start either. Grabbing at least 30 minutes exercise during the lunch break really breaks up the day and of course a refreshing shower. This will boost the energy levels and get you mentally focused for the final part of the day. You can even ask us if you like!

Get Gadgets! There are plenty of gadgets out there (Nike, Fitness Tracker) yet having a Smartphone with you kills many birds with one stone! Download an app to help you work out a plan (many come with illustration and advice). Having it on your mobile will give you the chance to work out to music – a huge motivator for exercise. Playlist your songs well – no point doing a jog to ‘Lady In Red’ by Chris de Burgh.

Eyes on the prize. As an executive you will be used to goals – how about sharing them for fitness? Having a team challenge can boost team morale while at the same time get you fit. Rowing, treadmill even walking a set distance can be a huge boost. Don’t lose sight of the goal – get that finish line in your head. And when you cross it set another.

Eat Junk. Yes, eat junk. It is OK to indulge once in a while – everybody needs to let their hair down once in a while. By focusing on that curry night, bottle of vino or pint of beer is rather like dangling a carrot in front of you. Keeping a daily controlled diet consisting of fruit, veg etc will ensure the body is prepared. Don’t forget to let the body recover the next day. A glass of red wine can stay in your system for up to 72 hours, plenty of work to be done to get rid of that!

Excel in happiness, motivation and above all your career.

(Ben Glover)


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