Great Discount Places: Kuti’s Indian Restaurant



The Town Or Country Discount card is another great example of why we are the hotel alternative. There are some many great and exclusive offers for you as a guest. This month we focus on our friends at Kuti’s Indian & Thai cuisine.


Southampton is well known for it’s fantastic choice of dining and Kuti’s is no exception. When you mention an Indian takeaway then there is normally just one name on everyone’s mind.

Whether you are trying out the epic Sunday buffet to round of your weekend or have decided to have a quiet night in you cannot go wrong with Kuti’s. The logo of the water lilly – symbol of Bangladesh – is all part of how this firm dedicates itself to great Indian cuisine.

More recently Kuti’s opened it’s latest exciting venue – Southampton Pier. 

The pier was opened on July 8th 1833 by the Duchess of Kent and Princess (later Queen) Victoria. It had cost £25,000 and was designed by Edward L.Stephens.



However, the soft wooden piles had become unsafe by 1838 and it was thoroughly renovated. A pontoon was added in 1864 and, in 1871, railway lines were extended to a widened pier-head. The station was built next to the pontoon shortly afterwards. Major reconstruction of the pier took place in 1892 and a pavilion was built in 1894. Facilities included concerts, dramatic productions and dances. From 1906, there was roller-skating.

Now Kuti’s have turned it into a fine dining experience. And you, as a guest , can enjoy a discounted dining experience with the Town Or Country Discount Card. It is free when you stay with us and can be used whenever you come to stay.






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