4 Songs To Motivate You Right Now!

Sometimes we just need a moment and that one song to motivate us. Broadcaster and DJ Ben Glover gives us at least four songs off his playlist right now!


1. Avicci feat Aloe Blacc- Wake Me Up

Swedish house DJ and producer Avicci teams up with the stunning voice of Aloe Blacc (I need a Dollar). The feel good anthem was UK No.1 for weeks and was the song of the summer in Ibiza. With it’s acoustic crossover and EDM rifts this is best enjoyed alone and first thing in the morning before a big day!


2. Justin Timberlake – Take Back The Night

This is where JT does good – going back to the heart of RnB with this soulful effort. An airy and light song that will have you grooving some moves in just your towel! Best enjoyed pre-night out or after a hard day at the office with a glass of something cold. Also good for a stroll around town with the earphones in. Just don’t walk down any dark allies…


3. Empire Of The Sun – Alive

A truly awesome feel good song that really grips the heart!  When you have had that knock down in life or that someone is just not listening to you then ‘Alive’ is for you. It’s melodies alone will stick in your head for a while. Best enjoyed top down (or windows down if the roof does not come off) and while driving through the New Forest or coast with a best mate.


4. Capital Cities – Safe & Sound

A classic already made. Hints of some 90’s trumpet that is perfect for the summer. Capital Cities are an electro/pop duo from America that have sprung up from nowhere and hit the UK top 40 like lightning! S&S is the song for you if you need to take yourself away. Guaranteed after your hear the entire track you will be motivated for that meeting the next day.

You can see the videos to each track by clicking the title. 

Ben Glover

T: @GloveBoxGlover


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