Christmas Gadgets!

Christmas is not that far away and so this year’s must-have’s are right here! Combining retro with style it really is this year’s theme for gadget, novelty lovers and our guests alike. 

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Retro Tape Recorder Speaker for iPhone

What once used to be the must have for the 80’s or any classic police drama, it now

gets bang up to date with this modern touch.

Ideal with the FREE WiFi in our properties!


Retro Phone – Oliver Bonas 

Your grandparents probably still have one of these!

Now with touch button tech and no chance of

losing a nail when dialling.


Apple App-copter

Download the app and become an expert pilot –

all from the palm of your hand!

Go easy if playing indoors…


Aztec onesie

Yes your wife/partner would love one for Christmas. And yes she’d love you in a matching one too…

Get cosy in one of our luxury bedrooms and even more so cuddled up on the couch enjoying a DVD.


Polaroid Printer

This is how selfies used to be. Take photo. Wait.

Pull out special paper. Wait. Then watch the magic


Now all that is possible using your smart phone.


Anatomicals Partied Too Much pack

Probably should be called the ‘Monday Pack’. Still, one for the morning after the night before…


Ben Glover


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