Charity Abseil – Spinnaker Tower


What goes up must come down! Find out why some of the Town Or Country team are mad enough to abseil down one of the south’s tallest structures.


We have always been passionate about raising money for charities across the south coast and when it came to the next fundraiser it was a no brainer. When someone you know is effected by an illness not only does it effect them but you too.  So when our Sales and Marketing Manager was diagnosed with Systemic lupus erythematosus  Lupus  we knew what we had to do.

Lupus is an autoimmune condition, which means it causes problems with the immune system (the body’s natural defense against illness and infection).

In people with lupus, for reasons not clearly understood, the immune system starts to attack healthy cells, tissue and organs. As with other more common autoimmune conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, it is thought a combination of genetic and environmental factors is responsible for triggering lupus in certain people.

SLE is an uncommon and not widely known condition, with 90% of cases occurring in women. Most cases of SLE first begin in women who are of childbearing age (between the ages of 15 and 50).

There are marked differences in how widespread SLE is among different ethnic groups. For example, in the UK:

  • one in every 5,000 white women will develop SLE
  • one in every 1,000 women of Chinese origin will develop SLE
  • one in every 625 African Caribbean women will develop SLE

The Challenge

There were plenty of things we could have considered when it came to raising the money. However, with our recent expansion into serviced accommodation in Portsmouth there was one thing that stuck out a mile…literally: abseil down the Spinnaker Tower! 

The 170 metre tall viewing structure is based in a former dockyard now renamed Gunwharf Quays and is a viewing platform complete with a glass floor! That in itself is a ‘daunting’ piece in itself (try doing press ups on it!)

With our Company Director having the first go some of us couldn’t help but follow – especially as this is something that affects not just one person in our office but all of us.

The date has been set for the 21st of April 2014 and we would love to have your support!

More details to follow shortly.


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