5 Ways To Make The Lunch Hour Productive


It is 60 minutes away from the world. No phones, no loud office banter just you and your sarnies. But in just one hour you can be the most productive you have ever been.

1. Go to the gym

Yeah we know, it’s energetic and you only have 60 minutes to kill. Did you know 40 minutes of exercise a per day can not only help with the fitness goals but also give you a mental boost? That leaves 10 minutes either side to shower and change. Or if you are a man like me just the five. Doing certain exercises before a big meeting can help as personal trainer Andy Barr explains:


‘If you have a team meeting such as brain storming or team building try placing a medicine ball above your head whilst you are straight and facing a wall. With arms fully extended gently bash the ball against the wall and catch it. Do this at least 20 times. The idea is that your brain is working towards a strategy, you are kick starting it into doing something – get the juices flowing!’

2. Sit in a coffee shop.

For weeks I was on a social media project and working flat out on scheduling. One day I just decided that the gym could wait, I had my iPad and off to the coffee shop I went. Over a latte I not only started people watching (which by the way is very healthy) but headed into a world outside my own. Some of the best ideas I have ever come up with for marketing campaigns have been over a ginger bread latte. Then I went back to work feeling ready for the second half. Not to mention the caffeine injection.

Coffee has been proven to be a ‘calming’ stimulant too. So just sit there and take in the aroma if you don’t have an iPad!

3. Go for a walk.

Not as energetic as the gym but good none the less. Even better with someone. Doing it with a work colleague is a great gesture – especially of you are the new boy/girl in town. No-one to go with? Grab the phone and plug in some headphones. Taking yourself away from music is probably the best policy.

4. Take a late/early break.

We are creatures of habit and sometimes even I get bored of the same routine. You get up, go to work, lunch, work, home. You see the same faces and everything feels like its Groundhog day. Don’t let it. Take the break an hour early or later. This gives you a chance to see who is out there at a different time and get new ideas for something you are working on. Giving the brain a break from the old routine is healthy too. In fact I get more work done when I take an 30 minute break early as the brain thinks I have extra time.


5. Work through lunch

I know this is my contradict pretty much this entire article but it won’t hurt from time to time. The feeling you get from completing a project in time is a good one. It also means you can leave work early. Well, in some cases!


Ben Glover is a social media expert and writer. You can follow his work on Twitter @GloveBoxGlover


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