Featured: Banana Wharf

Did you know all our guests get an exclusive Discount Card with great offers on food and drink? This week we feature Banana Wharf, Ocean Village Marina, Southampton.

Banana Wharf

Ocean Village Marina has always been the meeting point for locals and visitors alike. With its vast mooring facilities for boats it is also well know for some fine dining and drinking. Banana Wharf – set right at the start of your dining experience – offers a great place to meet, eat and drink. With a great atmosphere at night it is clear why this has become one of the south coast’s best places to be at.

But how did it get its name? 

 The banana trade in Southampton docks has been part of life since the 1880s, when the famous Fyffe Company started to import bananas into the UK from the West Indies. The restaurant bore its name from this history and this can still be seen today as you are surrounded by old school pictures of what life was like back in the day.


You’ll be socializing in wonderful surroundings which really come to life in the summer and at night-time. There is nothing better than great company and conversation whilst hearing the sound of the water and bobbing boats in the marina.

The Menu

Eating is a relaxed affair and one that comes with many choices. From breakfast, to main menus and ones for the ‘little bananas’ you will be spoiled for choice! Having a party or fancy a roast dinner?

Banana-Wharf-fajita Banana Wharf caters for this too. A recent guest who stayed at one of our properties enjoyed the breakfast so much she went there every day for 6 days.

A takeaway option is available with discount (collection only) and they even have an app on hand should you turn into a regular. Banana Wharf caters for parties too. And with a generous discount for all Town or Country guests you will really be saving yourself money and making your stay 100% value for money!


Ben Glover


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