5 Great Fitness Apps for 2014!

New Year New You! And you promised that you would get down the gym. We know it’s hard with your busy lifestyle but with gym fees a bit pricey why not stay in our enjoy the surroundings near one of our apartments with these fitness apps!
Yoga Studio

Yoga isn’t the easiest thing to get to grips with on your own, but Yoga Studio does a good job of helping you out.

With advice and instructions for over 280 poses you’ll be doing the downward-facing dog and feathered peacock in no time.

But not only does Yoga Studio teach you the basics, it also includes 30 yoga classes with HD video and lets you easily create custom classes.

So whether you’re a beginner or have been practising yoga for years, Yoga Studio can help from the comfort of one of our properties.


Runtastic – iOS, android, windows, blackberry, free

This application helps you keep a track of every exercise you do including biking, walking, running, skiing, etc. It has a host of other apps which you can download depending on your fitness needs. The pro version is chargeable though and not all are available on windows and blackberry stores. You can track your progress in real time and save it in your diary. The app uses GPS to map your sport and fitness activities and also has a voice coach for audio feedback. The pro version lets you monitor your heart rate as well. The idea behind this app is to keep you motivated and improve your fitness levels in a fun and easy manner. This app is great if you fancy a run around the Ocean Village marina or Southampton Common. Know more about the app on its website.


7 Minute Workout!

7 Minute Workout Challenge

Half the battle with getting fit is finding time to actually exercise, but 7 Minute Workout Challenge essentially removes that part of the equation, by giving you a simple workout that only takes around 7 minutes and can be done without any specialist equipment.

It uses high intensity interval training across 12 different exercises and is designed to boost your metabolism, making it far more effective than a 7 minute workout has any right to be.

The workout can be provided by a male or female trainer that will guide you by audio, video, images and text.

On top of the workout itself the app also includes a weight and activity tracker and the ability to unlock achievements.


iBP Blood Pressure – iOS, android, Rs 55

This app does not measure your blood pressure but is an analysis and tracking tool. The app uses colour icons to tell you when your BP is high, low, etc. It also keeps a track of your BP over time and presents a statistical analysis of it. You can store data of multiple people by creating different accounts and even save snapshots of graphs. The app lets you keep a virtual track of all your readings at one place which can be shared with your doctor without the hassle of files, reports, etc. (Read: 10 awesome fitness workouts for the perfect you)


Fitness Trainer

Full Fitness: Exercise Workout Trainer

Full Fitness serves two main purposes. The first is teaching you new exercises.

There are hundreds included in the app with images and text instructions for all of them, video instructions for some and new exercises being added all the time.

The second purpose is to log workouts and motivate you to keep at it. There are 30 routines included with the app, along with the option to create your own, so you can keep things varied and interesting.

Plus if you’re working towards a specific goal or want to target a specific muscle or body part, Full Fitness has you covered there too, as the exercises are all labelled accordingly.


Compiled by Ben Glover, The Glove Box Media Co.




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