Apartment Cooking: Philly Wrap!

Now we don’t claim to be Jamie Oliver or any other top chef, we just came up with a recipe that was quick, easy and filling so you can make the most of our fully equipped kitchen areas. There are no fancy photos, no space age kitchen pans or Nigella leaning over the chopping board. It is just us and one of our properties! The Philly Wrap is an adapted version that is low on fat and big on taste as Ben Glover reveals.





500g of lean steak mince

3 slices of chopped bacon 

2 onions

6 mushrooms

1 clove of garlic

1 avocado

half a tub of Philadelphia cheese

Wholemeal wraps and rice (optional)


Cook up the mince and onions until golden brown. Drain off the mince (to reduce the fat) and add the mushrooms and garlic. (Add a tablespoon of gravy to bring out the mince flavour if you wish).

Chuck in the bacon and mix all together. After 5 mins add the cream cheese. To be honest you can whatever cheese you like, we think Philadelphia works well. Mix well together and cook for another 5 mins on a low heat. 

While that happy marriage in the pan is going on whack in some microwave rice for about two mins. By the time it PINGS! your dish will be ready.

Serve piping hot into a wrap (add the avocado into the wrap) and deep fill. Wrap and eat! All in 30 minutes.

Like we said, no fancy cooking book photos here…looks good though!


 Ben Glover


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