5 Ways To Stay Employed


Nowadays it is so easy to be dismissed from employment. Something you say or do may not mean much personally to you yet could offend someone else. Get these top 5 tips in your life and here is to a happy career!

1. Do Your Research

Got an interview? Great! Now do your research. Find out who is going to do the interview via checking out their Linked In profile – the ‘professional social media’ network. If they are a pro they will be on here, make sure you get the correct name too! A little flattery won’t hurt during the interview – in fact most managers like it. Just don’t go over the top, keep it formal.

2.  Easy on the Facebook

Many employers now judge the candidate via their Facebook or Twitter account, especially if you work in public service. And it makes sense. No point employing someone who could be putting the firm into disrepute. Go through your time lines and delete the stuff you feel that may not put you in a good light. Delete your profile if you have to and start again. One UK global organisation threw out 20% of applications do to individual Facebook accounts and who they associated with. Not sure? Go with your gut feeling. Unless they are your friend don’t bother adding new colleagues straight away, this may backfire down the line. And it is not just before being employed. Companies and organisations will often monitor after you have left. They may still have grounds to not pay you and you don’t really want to burn your bridges. Which leads nicely on…

3. Don’t Burn Your Bridges

It is a VERY small world out there! No point getting bitter or twisted over a dismissal. They have their reasons and it is time to move on. Often is the case that ‘one door closes and another opens’ Hurts like hell to start with but further down the line you will look back and smile. In certain sectors people often tend to stay in them for years (they get a good pension!) and you may meet them again. Always evaluate the reason, have a think and send an e-mail to your former manager when the dust has settled. It is best to admit and apologise for any action straight away than try and cover it up. You will gain respect this way and hopefully a good reference. Maintain dignity at ALL times and be professional – everything happens for a reason.

4. Office Etiquette

Listen, you can’t please everyone especially if you are new and getting results straight away. We are all human and are prone to make decisions on impact. Be mindful that a well established office love to chat behind closed doors sometimes, this is just human nature. Best way to deal with them is keep your head down and get on with the job. It will only be them that suffer in the long run. While it is good to socialise on a certain level with the job avoid one on one out of office lunches and more importantly work do’s. Yes, it may seem like a fun idea but what happens outside the office doesn’t always stay outside the office! Easy on the booze, careful what you say. Even better don’t drink at all. Show your face for an hour and move on. Getting to personal may cause a conflict, especially if the team member has been around for a while. Make your excuses if you have too.

5. Always Have a Backup

In a time of cuts and savings you never know how long you may have. You are more likely to be cut first if you are a ‘rookie’ than a well established member of the team. Study for that something you have always wanted to do. Volunteer and get some skills for free you never know where it might lead.  One manager once said to me, ‘Be passionate about all you do, be open to work with anyone, in any sector and your potential will shine through’. Can’t say fairer than that.

Good luck!

Ben Glover


Ben Glover is a social media expert and writer. You can follow his work on Twitter @GloveBoxGlover


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