FINALLY a solution to the question, ‘Has anyone got an iPhone charger lead?!’


Some clever bods at Nomad have developed ChargeKey a lead for your iPhone that hangs off your key ring. And it is not just for the phone. The FireWire port means it is compatible with iPad Lightning, 5/5S/5C and iPad Mini. Awesome!


The key size gadg works from directing energy direct from your PC, similar to that of a USB stiick. It will charge, sync, hang and bend so no worries of sitting on it in the car! It is the perfect solution to use in our properties. All benefit from fast Wi Fi internet connections and we know what it is like when you leave the charger behind!


The fact that we have to rely on this type of tech in this day and age is not such much a change of the times but that of excitiment. If they can transmit and send data energy from something like this will the next Smartphones be bendy and the size of a key???


Priced at just over £17 it’ll be hitting the on line shops March 31st. 


Ben Glover



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