5 Things You Need In Your Car

When travelling by car there are just some things you cannot do without. And here are five that may surprise you!



In some countries like France and Italy it is illegal to travel with out a spare bulb kit, warning triangle (in case you breakdown) and First Aid kit. Although in the UK it may be easier to pop into Halfords as and when needed having an FA kit is not such a bad idea. How many times have you passed an incident? Would you packing a wound that is bleeding help? Yes. Even if you are not First Aid trained instructions are in each pack and you placing a bandage over an open wound could just save a life.




Every female reading this knows what we are talking about! They really are one of life’s best inventions and clean almost ANYTHING up, including seats! While sometimes we like to munch on the move there is nothing worse than trying to prize off a lump of chocolate from the upholstery. Keep a pack in the car, they are useful for anything!




A good one if you have to transport kids around. Not only will this handy contraption find favour out of the cupboard under the sink it will make a great ‘temporary’ sick bag. And if you don’t have any sprogs then it will house the countless wrappers and parking tickets you have been meaning to remove for months…




Cold morning. Demister on FULL! Tempted to wipe the windows with your hands. Don’t. It not only smears the glass but can takes longer to demist. Using a nice thick absorbent towel will not only help things along but give the windows a nice clean too. Never drive if you do not have a clear vision. 




‘Anyone got an iPhone charger lead?!’ How many times have you heard this. Well don’t be the one asking the question at work. Invest in a spare and keep it on the car and charge on the move. Don’t forget the in-car charger.

Ben Glover


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