Meet The Team: Victoria Bailey

At Town Or Country we like you to meet the faces behind the voice…or e-mail. We welcome new member of staff Victoria Bailey who joins the reservations team. Victoria comes from the hotel sector and has a wealth of customer service experience so chances are if you book with us you will get to speak to her! We find out what makes her tick.


Tell us about yourself in FIVE words:
Organised, enthusiastic, presentable, professional, committed #
What will be the most exciting thing about working for Town or Country?
The most exciting thing about joining the team at Town or country will be taking on a new challenge by learning new skills.
If you could pick a favourite destination in Southampton where would it be and why?
West quay, after working hard for my money I enjoy spending it.
Why do you think people should choose Town Or Country over a hotel?
There are many reasons from what I’ve researched, why Town or Country should be chosen. I think the company provides fantastic value for money, beautiful facilities and surroundings and the freedom that you cant get from a hotel.
You have landed on a desert island – you are allowed ONE song and ONE item and ONE photo, what would they be?
Song- 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton
Item – After much thought! A fishing boat
Photo – My nieces
Good luck from us!

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