4 Great Travel Apps!

Whether you are a two day traveller or maybe more you need to get these travel apps in your life! 



NCT Baby Change


If you are a parent or have kids on your life you know when the time comes to change a nappy it is all eyes on the ‘Baby Change’ sign. But now you don’t have to dive into the nearest supermarket, cafe or use your knees as a table to attach a fresh nappy.

NCT Baby Change finds your nearest baby-changing facility, whether you search by town, city or postcode. Details about facilities are easier to read and rate, with information based on your and other parents’ experiences. What’s more, thousands of new locations have been added since the app was first launched, and adding a new facility has been made quicker, even if you’re not at that location. Available for Android and iPhone.



Gate Guru

Trip Advisor are back with a brand new app. The comment and recommendations website bring you Gate Guru the must have for any airport hopper. Gone are the print outs and countless pieces of paper as this app gives you the entire itinerary for your journey. It will list flight delays, gate changes and specific airport info. With many of our properties within reach of Southampton Airport this is a must have.



Able Road

This app will certainly take the hassle out of trying to find disabled access to bars, restaurants, shops and many other venues across town. Able Road is the definitive guide to seeking out the places for wheelchair access and those who are not able bodied. If a place is not listed you get the chance to add and update locations for others to check out. 

It is perfect for the elderly showing locations that are walking frame friendly, have hand rails and access for parking. 

How many times have you been out and about searching for some precious WiFi? Well WiFi Finder helps your lock down some valuable gateway space to the internet. Whether you want free or paid for Hotspots this app has it all.
If you are Skype heavy this is a great tool for finding the fastest the right network for you. Be ware it does take up a bit of room on your phone/tablet. Or you could just stay with Town Or Country! Our fast WiFi is FREE in all properties.
Ben Glover

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