How To Get 7-a-Day!

It used to be just the five-a-day to your diet to encourage a long and healthy life span. Now it seems we’re all under pressure to increase that to 7. But it needn’t be all fruit. Here is how to get you seven-a-day.



Nakd Bars

They started life as a healthy option to many Easy Jet flight meals around Europe and now they have taken off and landed on the shelves of supermarkets. 

The Nakd bars are part of a range of mainly raw food bars produced by Natural Balance Foods are just raw fruits and nuts, ‘smooshed’ together into what we really had to admit were delicious, soft but chewy, tasty, fresh and filling bars.

The bars come in seven flavours, Pecan pie, Ginger bread, Cocoa orange, Cocoa mint, Cocoa delight, Cashew Cookie and Berry delight, are 35g each in weight and cost just under 80p each. Not only one of your 7-a-day but wheat, gluten and dairy free.

Sugar content high.


Heinz Beans

Yep, the good old tin of baked beans! Just half a can is enough to contribute to your healthy day so you can keep the other half in the fridge for the next day. Perfect on a slice of toast for lunch or better still on a jacket spud. 

The only downside is having the whole can in one go. This could cause ‘issues’ later in the office!

Sugar content high although reduced sugar cans are available in the range.




Sainsbury’s Exotic Fruit Salad

All supermarkets have a fruit pot but none taste quite as good as this one. The Sainsbury’s Exotic Fruit salad is a divine marriage of pineapple, kiwi and mango. Not just one but TWO of your 7-a-day. Exotic fruits do tend to be high on the acid and so if you are prone to a bit of indigestion you may want to eat just have a pot at a time and save the rest for later. Other similar fruit products are available from Tesco, Adsa and Morrison’s. 




Tesco Healthy Living Open Ravioli

If you are looking for something for filling and substantial then this is the meal for you. From the award winning Healthy Living range Tesco not only deliver the one of your 5-a-day but in a low fat quantity. This butter nut and goat’s cheese ravioli is just enough for lunch and smells great. Just don’t stick the office out when using the microwave.




Graze Pots

Every two weeks a little brown box lands on many door mats across the world. Graze pride themselves on a healthy snack lifestyle. You go on-line, tell them the snacks you like, they hand pick some snacks for you and off it pops through your letter box. Not only do they offer some great fruity snacks but ones for fans of nuts and flap jack! The only downside is this can work to be an expensive monthly out going and you may not feel entirely filled up but a great cheeky way to your 7-a-day.




Simply Cranberries

When all you want is a simple and tasty fix it doesn’t come better than this. Simply Cranberries is just that. Not only do they taste great on their own but added to porridge, nuts or even a salad can make come alive. Cranberries are rich in anti-oxidants and contribute to a good fibre diet.

Ben Glover


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