5 Ways To Save/Make Money In 2014

Things are tight for some. Budgets are not what they used to be and with wages not increasing any time soon we always try and find our best to save you money when staying with Town Or Country. Check out these tried and tested money saving ideas and…ummm…save money!

The Reduced Counter

Look for the yellow label

For some there is one area that is the holy grail of the supermarket, the reduced section. Yes, three times a day every supermarket checks out the products that are just about due by their sell by date or are close. This doesn’t mean you cannot eat or use it. Many products can be frozen that day to give extra shelf life. Just remember that if you defrost that day then cook that. Just beware, this sometimes is like watching seagulls around a plate of chips – you have to be quick! Just look for the yellow stickers…

Shabby Chic It!

Showing some leg! Don’t over do it.

Got some old furniture? Sand it down, chuck on a lick of paint and sell sell sell! Shabby chic is big business with many people trawling the reclaim refuge sites for tables, chairs, chest of drawers, desks and transforming them into a trendy must have. Items are often cheap to buy and can fetch up to £100 on re-sale if the job is good. Just don’t over do it, an almost finished worn look is the key to a good piece. It is amazing what a lick of paint can do…if only it worked on people.

Automotive Recycling

Silverlake Auto Recycling, Southampton

Recycling comes in many forms from filling the wheelie bin once a week to Shabby Chic (see above). When it comes to motoring we are all up for saving a bit of cash. With the servicing and selling of car parts making up the major profit margin for dealerships they can charge what seems like the earth for just a simple job. Before you head for the ramps find out what the problem is then head to an automotive recycling salvage plant aka the scrap yard!

Recently one guest who stayed with us broke down in her Renault Scene on a 52 plate. The intake pipe on the air box had split yet being a Renault was connected to an exchange box that at a main dealer was £128. And that was before fitting! A trip to a local recycling site was on the cards and after a bit of searching among the wrecks the part was found for £4!

Many scrap dealers see this as big business and are now almost ‘automotive supermarkets’ with counters and a delivery service. It pays to check them first if you have an older car out of warranty. It’s not just old cars either, many insurance write-offs are brought in daily , some only a few months old!

Make It!

Bread making made easy

Cooking is the new going out! Yes, kitchens across the globe are going back in time and becoming what once was the norm. Many families are saving money by baking goods in-house ready for consumption that week. What you may see as left-overs from a Sunday lunch could be mashed down and used to feed a baby that is on solid food. Or at best placed into a casserole! As a nation baking has increased 10 fold with over 65% of us Brits getting creative in the kitchen with bread being the no.1 on the list. Second hand bread makers are going anywhere from £15-100 yet in the long term the rewards will reap for themselves. One full sized loaf can make sandwiches for a week. Think of that freshly baked smell in the morning as you come sown the stairs…and it’ll be organic too!



There is a little community on your social media right now that is fast making a small bit of cash for unwanted items. Garages have been raided, lofts been taken apart garden sheds destroyed to make a quick quid or two. Facebay communities are often regulated by an admin and so you will have to adhere to their selling rules and work pretty simply. Find an item, take a photo, post onto the wall and watch the comments come in.

Children’s clothes are a big interest and sell for an average £3 a piece with furniture, kids toys and car parts next. It may not seem a lot but put it this way the money you make is cash in hand and fills up the tank in the car! Don’t over price though as you won’t get much interest.

Some people may not like the element of having to collect in person but many groups are localised so you will probably know the area. Always remember if you are not comfortable with collecting or having buyers coming to your house then get someone else to do it.


Ben Glover


Part of the Glove Box Media Group.


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