Discount Card: The Milan Restaurant

We not only give you our infamous Home From Home experience but that ultimate chance to wine and dine in style. Make the most of your stay with us with yet another great offer from the Town Or Country Discount Card at the Milan Restaurant, Southampton.


The Milan Restaurant is one of the city’s finest Italian dining experiences we have to offer you our guests. Situated in one of Southampton’s vibrant social spots The Milan is the most exclusive authentic Italian restaurant offering original recipe dishes full flavour and made from local produce. 


Choose from an extensive Main Menu including Anti Pasti, fish, soups and fresh fish. If you are a fan of pasta then the Milan offers the most tastiest of dishes to leave you satisfied. The Express Menu is perfect for those who are looking for a quick yet quality fix at lunch ranging from salad to sirloin steaks. Check out their £6.50 any pizza or pasta lunchtime offer. Vegetarian options are also available (highly recommending the omelette meal with tomatoes, mushrooms and cheese). 


Make the most of your stay with us and get 15% of all food with the Town Or Country Discount Card – FREE to all our guests.


Opening Hours


Monday – Friday: (12pm – 2:30pm)

Close Saturday Lunch



Monday – Thursday (6:00pm – 10:30pm)

Friday & Saturday Open from 5:30pm

Sunday: CLOSE (other then special days)


Content: Ben Glover
Glove Box Media Group.

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