3 Places To Enjoy The Sunshine!

We don’t want to tempt fete however weather wise we have had a good run lately! There are some hidden gems when it comes to some fun in the sun. Ben Glover finds them out…


The south coast. Many have images of sun, sea, sand and boats. If you are staying with us you will know the strong heritage threading through many locations. From the maritime right through to ye olde England we have 100’s of acres to offer and explore. However, there are one or two locations inland that can create fun for all the family. 


New Forest BBQs

The New Forest covers well over 145 square miles of history and tranquillity, from quaint villages to a walk in the forest. There are many regulated camp sites and BBQ areas designated to entertain up to 100 guests. There are 2 sites for hire in the New Forest at Anderwood and Wilverley

ImageThe charge for using the site  are: £60.00 Monday – Friday and £70.00 for a Saturday or Sunday with one booking per day, so once hired, the site is yours from 10am – midnight. Town Or Country recently had an office day out near Wilverley and we had a lot of fun. And food! Once booked you receive a padlock code and the location of the BBQ. 

For more information on the barbecue sites or to make a booking please contact the Recreation Section on 023 8028 6838 or e-mail southern.permissions@forestry.gsi.gov.uk




Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth

There is a special location that is quite well known to many from Portsmouth. Portsdown Hill is the city’s highest point with views spanning from Hayling Island to Southampton. It is the only place where you can view the entire top end of the Isle Of Wight. Portsdown is home to the Royal Navy’s radar training station with what may look like a frigate that has parked itself on top of the hill!


Many travel in the evening to check out the sunset as well as stunning views across the Solent. There is not much in the way of picnic areas although there is plenty of greenery in which to roll out the rug and munch on a picnic. Further back from the main car park you can check out the local pub or if the weather turns enjoy from the comfort of the car.

And how could we forget Mick’s Monster Burgers. Famous for his generous portions when it comes fast food you will not be disappointed. Entry is free to the car park. 

Goodwood Airfield

When you hear the name Goodwood many think of Festival Of Speed, Revival and of course the horse racing. These events only happen a few times a year but the airfield is always open. You may think it is only open to the ‘Flying Owners Club’ which is not the case at all. 

Situated on the outskirts of Chichester this World War two airfield was home to the Spitfire of which Lord March made everyone involved welcome. And not much has changed. The entire airfield is steeped in history with old school buildings to boot not to mention the racing circuit that once hosted Formula 1 until the 1960’s.Image

Recently it had the go ahead to modernise it’s prefab buildings set for 2015.

The cafe on site is open to the public with great views of the airfield, which hosts a vast amount of vintage aircraft and training planes. If you fancy getting a taste of flying you can actually get up close to the aircraft and meet the pilots. This really is a mecca for any plane fans and there is always something to look at.

Entry is free, flying lessons will cost you a bit of money, although not as much as you may think…







Ben Glover

Glove Box Media


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