7 Cleaning Tips On The Cheap!

Our cleaning and maintenance team are full of great ideas for cleaning the house and home. And the best thing its all on the cheap!  


Dirty Iron!

For any burnt bits on the plate take a piece of aluminium foil. Roll it up into a soft ball than take the iron to the hottest setting with steam off and iron the ball. A chemical reaction causes the nasty stuff to come off!

And don’t get burnt!




Dirty Skirt!

Skirting boards collect all sorts and a simple vacuum may not be enough. By using a simple wipe (baby or cleaning agent based) this can add a hint of freshness to your home. Just insert your fingers along the indents of the wood and glide to a cleaner skirt!



Plastic Toys

Kids toys can be a nightmare to keep clean! Use lingerie bags to clean kids toys in the dishwasher. On a ‘rinse’ mode should be enough to clear the dust.



Lime Scale!

Despite the claims of Barry Scott this is a more organic approach to tackling lime scale. Half a lemon sliced in half and used to wipe around the affected area will bring a zesty freshness to your bathroom!



Red Wine Spills

Forget salt, it doesn’t do the trick at all. Instead, blot as much as possible with kitchen towel, soak with sparkling or soda water, then blot again. Repeat the process, then sponge with soapy water and blot dry again.



Leaking Taps

Use dental floss to quiet dripping a tap until it is properly fixed (nothing more annoying that dripping tap!) Tie one end to the tap end and drop it down to plug hole – the drip will travel down the floss.



Stainless Steel

Rub a small amount of olive oil on stainless steel then buff up for a streak-free shine. Don’t waste it though, your salad loves a splash or two!


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