October Outings!

Winter is fast approaching with October proving the height of decent into the cold! Here are just some of the things you need to have in your life for this month all with a spooky theme!


Zombie Encounters! £15 (10th October)

Somewhere on deepest darkest Portsdown Hill stands a haunted fort that once was our main line of defence from the enemy. Now it seems it has a new encounter on it’s hands with the walking dead! The Zombie Encounter takes place at Fort Widley and is a night for all those who love to be spook-en too!

In the 90 minutes you are there you will get to tour the Zombie Survival Training Facility, learn how to defend an attack and get the chance to put your skills into practice!



Winchester Ghost Walks, £5 (28th October)

With Hampshire home to the ever enchanting place that is Winchester one of England’s oldest cities is grabbing a piece of the pumpkin pie. You will get to patrol some of Winchester’s ghostly hot spots along with interaction and learning to enhance your time on tour.

First stop is the Royal Oak pub where it is not just the spirits that are behind the bar! Purchase a drink and enjoy tales shared of spook goings on within the tavern before heading off into the night. Rumor has it a cold draught can be felt in many of the city’s archways and cathedral, although this maybe due to the time of year.



New Forest (anytime)

The New Forest is well known to be one of the UK’s most haunted of places! Sightings of ‘phantom’ cars spotted near Lyndhurst and paranormal activities have all been logged on specialist websites across the country. Rumour has it that the ghostly spectre of one, Sir Walter Tyrell, has been seen riding his horse down Tyrell’s Lane in Burley deep in the heart of the New Forest. He may or may notbe accompanied by his alleged victim, a small,stocky man, with ruddy cheeks, stout boots, and sporting at hatch of flaming red hair.

Historic Beaulieu Cistercian Abbey has the biggest hot spots for ghost spotting partly due to its medieval links to the past. Founded in 1204 the chanting of monks and reports of sensing ghosts in the room have all been noted. The fragrance of incense has also been smelt when none has actually been lit.



Pumpkin Trail, free with entry ticket (25/10/2014 – 02/11/2014)

The kids in your life will certainly want to be trick or treating. So why not fuel their desires onboard HMS Warrior, Portsmouth Historical Dockyard. This gorgeously preserved ship from 1860 plays hist to a pumpkin trail with all sorts of fun on the way. But watch out below deck, you never know who may be down there!



Monstrous Mottisfont Hallowe’en trail at Mottisfont Abbey (Free, donation suggested)

I bet you didn’t know Romsey had a paranormal history! Mottisfont Abbey has an exploration trail for the kids that will have them busy for hours. The gigantic gardens will be open to all who wish to uncover the secret world of mythical beasties, monsters and spirits. Open daily so the kids won’t get too scared by a dancing branch or things that go bump in the pumpkin

Words: Ben Glover


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