Simply Does It: Pork burgers

At Town Or Country we want you to make the most of your space. With our fully equipped kitchens it’s easy to enjoy and make simply meals. Enjoy this recipe which can be knocked up in just under 30 minutes. No fancy pictures, no soft focus – just a simply does it recipe!


Pork Burgers

You will need:

250- 500g of pork mince depending on who is eating with you
X1 large egg
X1 red pepper
X1 clove of garlic
X1 large onion
X1 of gluten free savoury biscuits
Salt, pepper and coriander flakes

Chop finely the pepper, onion and garlic. Then crush up the savoury biscuits or crackers.

Place all ingredients into a bowl with the mince. Add the egg, spices along with salt and pepper.

Here’s the fun bit, using clean hands scrunch all the contents together. As it starts to bind grab a handful of mince and roll into small ball shapes.

Place on a plate and flatten into burger shapes. Drizzle with olive oil, cover and place in the fridge for an hour so they can set.


To cook pop on a pan (all supplied in our properties) and once hot place the burger pâtés in. Cook for about 15 mins turning regularly and making sure they are cooked right through.

Serve with rice or salad!

To cook apple sauce chop and peel two – three apples. Place into a saucepan with a table spoon of water. Once mushy turn off the boil, add a tbs of sugar and a knob of butter. Mix and leave to cool. Lovely!

Recipe created by Ben Glover, 2013


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