Don’t be S.A.D this winter in 5 ways!

Season Adjustment Disorder – it is new to the lips of many while some believe it is just another excuse in order to feel down this winter. But fear not, we are on hand to beat this onto the ground from the comfort of your home from home…

What are the symptoms of SAD and when do they happen?

  • Depression
  • Over-eating, notably with sugar and carbohydrate cravings
  • Loss of libido
  • Lethargy and inability to cope with daily routines
  • Anxiety and pessimism
  • Irritability and inability to tolerate stress

Overcome the darkness with our top five tips:


1) Grab A Movie!

With the cold nights wrapping it’s frosty self around the windows outside warm up with a movie. Research show that watching a feel good film can help lift away the daily blues and have a small escapism if only for a few hours. With our fast and free WiFi having Netfix or Amazon Prime give you the chance to watch 100’s of movies on tap! At this time of year you cannot beat a good old fashioned Christmas classic. Research also shows you are more likely to keep warm with someone else…enjoy!

2) Get Baking!

Over the past year us Brits baked more home made goodies that ever before. Thanks to programmes like the Great British Bake Off our kitchens have been turned upside down to show off our culinary skills. Baking a cake not only gives you a satisfaction once it has popped out of the oven by research shows that we are likely to be happier through the sweet smell of baking. Unless of course you burn it. What is more our properties come with fully equipped kitchens so you have no excuse! It doesn’t have to be about the cakes. Click HERE.

3) Get Dressed Up!

Now, this may appear to be a strange thing to do on your own, however getting glammed up, even just to watch some TV or check the e-mails can put a smile on your face. Not keen? Onesie or PJ’s. Comfy clothes all the way.


4) Make Your Bed

This is an easy way to feel accomplished on days you are just feeling overwhelmed and trapped inside. Straighten your sheets, fluff your pillows, stand back and look at what you accomplished. This one also works to help prevent you from going back to bed. (We actually make your bed for you but there is nothing better than getting into a fresh clean set of sheets).

5) Write a Book

There is nothing better than letting it all out. On paper that is. Get back to your creative writing days and scribble down your thoughts. Whether it’s a daily journal or full on novel either way it is a chance for you to escape into your own world, even if no-one else sees it. Most of our properties have a space for you to get the creative juices flowing, some even with a balcony and marina view!

Ben Glover

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Glove Box Media.


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