Smashing The (Post-Christmas) Sales!

It’s a tradition that is more Christmas than the day itself! With the advent of mobile media it is so easy to shop on-line but you can’t beat the trawling through hundreds of bargains manually. Here’s our guide to Post-Christmas Sales Survival!


Start The Day Right

There is nothing worse than starting the day hungover. If you overdid the bubbles over Christmas then get mind fit. Grab a coffee (or even better green tea) and kick start the mind. Have something substantial to eat so you can go out on a full tank and not run out of energy halfway through the mall!

I usually find a few press ups and sit ups are good to get the body going. Stretching through them will boost the body into getting match fit. We have a few useful workouts in our blog. Then make sure you have cleared out the boot. If it is anything like mine then you will have to clear out the baby seats, push chair and tools!

Everyone Thinks The Same

You leave early. You get stuck in traffic. You miss the bargains. Yep, everyone will be thinking the same and fighting for the car park space nearest the door! Car share and get a shopping buddy. Its much more fun when stuck in traffic and always handy to have someone carry some baggage for you. On the other hand you don’t have any friends when it comes to sales. Split up and go your own way then meet for a coffee after. Plan ahead and try and find the best places to park. Some private drive ways are available to rent by the hour in some locations!

Let Music Be The Motivation

Grab those new ear phones you got for Christmas or pull out the ones from your Smart phone box. Plug in, pop in and stride with pride to your chosen bargains. Having music in your ears can shut out the rest of the world around you will feel like a movie star (do not use when driving – this is naughty). The Feel Good category from Blink Box has a great play list to feed a positive mind (requires 3/4g or WiFi).

Location, Location…

Stick to what you know. Heading out of town will be a disadvantage. The locals know people! They also know where things are and the best places to park. West Quay in Southampton has it’s multi-story which can be a bit hectic during peak times. Whiteley Shopping has many large retailers and a vast space to park. Just keep an eye on the time. Yes the parking is free for up to three hours in places but it is easy to loose track of the time! And those cameras on big poles on the way into the car park? They just took the time, date and number plate of your car. Having the app Timeful will be helpful in planning your day.

Eyes On The Prize And Get A Reward!

You may have stuffed yourself silly and drunk the equivalent of the North Sea in booze but a little focus never went a miss. Think of that one thing (latte, cake, glass of wine, fast food) that will be worth it at the end of the challenge. Go on, you deserve it.

Home Help

Have someone at home to show off the fruits of your labour. Get a fashion show going and get the best opinions if shopping for clothes. Having someone there to help relieve the pressure of looking after the kids/pets/other half will be a weight off your mind. Oh and don’t forget to get the something nice.

Avoid Social Media 

Nothing worse than telling people what you are doing and what you want. It is like telling everyone where to get a free Big Mac before you even get to Maccy D’s. Save the photos and showing off until you have found what you want. Then sit back and relax. You did good!


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