Great Household Hacks for 2015!

Our Cleaning and Maintenance teams are always up for sharing top tips to make the most of your ‘home from home’ with us. Have a go at these hacks and make 2015 a little easier on yourself.

Shower hooks 

Shower Curtain Hook Hangers

‘Being the season of ‘chilly’ reduce the hassle of unravelling scarves with this easy organiser. Shower curtain hooks, a wooden hanger, everyone’s a winner’. Amy, cleaning team


Wooden Pallet Storage

‘It is all about the chic! Old wooden pallets make great storage boxes for under the bed, desk or in the garage. Most local markets will have some. A lick of paint and instant chic!’ Andy, Operations

socks cord

Sock Wire Tidy

‘Say goodbye to untidy cables and wires! Find a sock, cut out the foot end and place wires through.’ Mike, Property Maintenance

Plastic batts

Battery Divider Box 

‘Too many batteries in your life for the toys or remotes? Plastic divider boxes make a handy storage unit!’ Theo, Property Maintenance

Pillow cases

Pillow Cases

‘Pillowcases have a habit of spreading themselves out all over the place! We press ours then fold neatly into a matching pillowcase.’ Monika, Cleaning Team


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