Days Out: Sea City Museum, Southampton

Make the most of your stay by visiting lots of attractions and activities along the south coast. Take time to find out more about historical Southampton and it’s love affair with the Titanic story of which Town or Country plays a part!


Sea City Museum

sea city 630 The Titanic story is one that has fascinated people worldwide, not least the resident’s of Southampton. With the city the place for its launch on 10 Th April 1912, the liner has held a place in the heart of locals for many years. The Sea City museum captured this beautifully going beyond its purpose as a ship and really getting involved in every aspect of its being.

Sea City tells the story of the people of the city, their fascinating lives and historic connections with Titanic and the sea. Centred in the now defunct courts of law it is the perfect place to transform you from your modern day existence into the 1900’s. Once you are through the doors you are immediately hit by the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin engine powering a Supermarine Spitfire (also built in Southampton) that buzzes around a circular LED screen alongside great ships.


With high walls containing original pictures of the docks you really get a feel of being dockside about to board the mighty Titanic. First stop through the one-way system is walking down a 3-D street typically buzzing with tradesmen of old ‘Southamptonians’ in 1912. Backed up with the sounds of that era really helps you grasp a taste of a bygone and no doubt booming period in the city’s history. An antique wardrobe houses vintage era clothing that can be worn as you make your way around the exhibition.

Stroll on through to really get into the moment as you peer behind hidden doors to display many artefacts from the Titanic and her sister ships Olympic, New York and the Mauritania  The White Star Line story began in Southampton and in displays the companies way of life to a five star voyage beyond the city.

South Western Hotel Southampton (1)Move around the corner and a layout of Titanic and her decks shows the difference in classes of the 1900’s. You cannot help but see images from the film when coming across this exhibit! You’ll even get the chance to see what life was like in our very own apartment block South Western house, the over night point for Titanic passengers before embarking on their voyage. Get to see a replica of the cabin space and all its contents for the voyage as well as china plates with gold cutlery fit for a king!images

Interaction is forefront to learning and the Sea City museum has this covered. Take to the wheel of Titanic herself with a challenge to get her out of port via the deep channels that she once sailed. A make shift bridge with giant screens gives you the chance to play Captain Smith and see what life as a seafarer. Shovel the coal and keep the boilers alive or why not learn the system of communication using Morse Code and send an SOS.


Perhaps one of the striking exhibits is a court of law room itself telling the story of the trail after the fate of Titanic in 1912. Giant screen project the survivors and member’s of the White Star Company in order to enquire is to her sinking.     Take it all in via the juror’s bench or sit in the judge’s throne to make your own mind up.

Sea City court

And there is more to the museum. Once outside take in the beauty of replica ships of Titanic’s era with scale models on display, enough to wet appetite’s of many a ship enthusiast. There is also a chance to get to know the medieval history of Southampton itself, some exhibits preserved that will blow you away! At the end of it all relax in the brand new cafe offering a range of cakes, sandwiches and coffee as well as quality memorabilia from the gift shop.

The Sea City Museum is a gem in the heart of Southampton that even the locals are fascinated and proud of. Be part of the history of one of the greatest ships and mysteries of all time…

For prices and opening times click

The Sea City museum


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