Three Things For Singles This Weekend

It is that one day a year when we are supposed to pay extortionate amount of money on a special someone when really love is 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days…etc. When roses only seem to be grown in February and the price of pasta has gone up £5 at the locally eatery (of course tasting better with a glass of fizzy white wine) is it really good to be single? There are THREE other ways…Ben Glover finds out.


If you are anything like some of my single friends then February the 14 TH is as exciting as a hole in the head. Copious amounts of pressure piled high, a bit like when close relatives ask you, ‘When will you get married then?’ or worse still, ‘Isn’t it about time you had children???’. For years this was drummed into me, as being the eldest Grandson of my mother’s side of the family this jibe was jokingly locked into my youth from the moment my Uncles got hitched. It wasn’t until I had hit my mid 20’s that things started to, as my mother would say, ‘settle down’.

But now there is that awkward thing where once you are in a relationship you tend to just hang out with other couples. No, that’s wrong actually, let me rephrase that; your single friends don’t invite you out to hang out with them. To some you are done and dusted, almost damaged goods, fearing the worst that a date may mean a gooseberry at the table. So this is me doing my bit for the singles out there. These are the three things to do this Valentine’s Day and throw caution to the wind:

1. Spend The Money On You

Us Brit’s spend an average of £35 on a person for V-day. Doesn’t seem a lot but it is the thought that counts right? There is no point wasting your money on someone who probably is, to you, way out of your league. Go treat yourself to a massage, personal training session or a round down the pub with your single mates.

On the other hand Lidl supermarket are offering a bunch of roses for £3. That actually goes a long way there…

2. Have a Decent Meal


Microwave meals for one do get boring after a while and there is only so many times you can pop over to the parent’s a week to fill yourself up. This time of year is when you can really push the boat out.

I love it when the ‘Two can dine for £20’ comes along, especially at M&S. Three delicious courses, some Belgian chocolates and a bottle of reasonably decent wine, a good night in. What more could anyone ask for?!

3. Let ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Be Your Saviour

Bear with me on this one. Let’s be honest with over 90% being female’s that have bought this book you can guarantee they will be curious as to how the pages come alive on the big screen. Has the fantasy they have built up actually  be the same visually? Probably not. But hey what a great excuse for a night. Your mate’s missus will be out with the girls for the night catching the movie paving the way for you to rescue your buddy for a night in the local. Everyone is a winner.


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