3 Apps To Keep You Organised!

Smart phones are now your best buddy. When we are without them we feel lost. But are you making the most of them? Here are three apps to keep your life organised from the comfort of your serviced apartment.

Argus – Pedometer, Run, Cycle achieve your fitness and weight loss goals with the ultimate activity tracker by Azumio


If staying healthy is your thing then Argus is for you. Once you get into the discipline of logging your daily activities it really does work. Log that gym session, download the extra fitness app to help you achieve your goals, map out your cycle route and count the calories!

Record what you ate, your weight goals and how many glasses of water you are drinking. It also records how many steps you are taking daily (10,000 is the target apparently although you can set a target). The only downside it that it is a bit thirsty having to remain open to record your steps.

It’s free on iPhone/Android and there are extras to purchase.

Shift Worker is an iPhone/iPod Touch application designed for people who need a quick and easy way to enter and view their shifts.


If you are a shift worker there is nothing worse than forgetting the your times of work. Shift Worker gives you the chance to log every forthcoming shift from nights, days, lates or earlies. Little symbols laid out in a calendar format help organise your month. Just one tap and you are set up for the next 30 odd days.

If you are working the same days weekly the repeat feature is really effective.

The great thing about this is you can share the month with your partner, colleagues and friends so you can finally have some social time! Just £1.49 for this.

30/30 Time Management. 

This app tackles time management at a more micro level. Beginning with the premise, no doubt correct, that most of the day’s tasks fall in the 5 – 30 minute range, it breaks the day into manageable half-hour chunks. We have to say, it sounds pretty motivating.30 30

It’s perfect for business meetings/catch up or for social occasions. It is particularly affective when you are somewhere that you don’t want to be. Sometimes you just need to show your face.

The app is free and also available for iPad.

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