Landlords – no fees!

Are you a landlord looking to fill your property? Perhaps you have had enough of the high fees you are paying an agency? Talk to us, we can help – here is how.


You have worked hard to own your property but as it sits empty you lose money. You then start to worry about how to maintain it, keep it clean and up to 100% standard. Agencies are all good and well but do they offer you value for money? Are they really checking up on your property when they say they do?

Town Or Country has a dedicated teams that will be your one stop call should you need us. You will be allocated a staff member that will deal with all your enquiries with an on call 24 hour direct phone line. Our Maintenance team are always on hand to inspect all our properties regularly and on call 24 hours should there be an issue. We have a Housekeeping Team that are second to none when it comes to servicing our luxury houses and apartments. And we don’t stop there:


  • Weekly Housekeeper who comes in to make the beds, clean, inspect and keep a constant eye on your investment.
  • The tenant is not responsible for paying the bills so you retain a good credit rating.
  • If you have a garden, our gardener takes care of it, not the tenant.
  • Property Management team who ensure all maintenance work for the property is taken care of and a maintenance check is done on every property before a guest moves in.

Every property we take on is treated like our own each handled with the respect it and you deserve.

Imperial 1

As a landlord we know that peace of mind is imperative:

  • 90% of our guests are management level corporate clients.
  • We currently have existing clients waiting for accommodation.
  • No agency fees – 100% free all inclusive property management.
  • Your property will have a minimum of two inspections per week.
  • Full property management service at no additional cost to you.

All our properties are fully equipped with kitchen tools, FREE fast WiFi, bedroom storage, entertainment systems giving that ‘home from home’ feel we are infamous for. If your property requires this we can install extra furniture or give advice in order to maximise your property’s potential.

Town Or Country is very active with it’s marketing including all social media platforms. All our properties are displayed daily with our fast growing Twitter and Facebook pages. We target many corporate businesses in the UK and around the world who come to the south coast to make the most of the fantastic opportunities the area has to offer.

So you want to save money, get peace of mind and earn income from your property? Talk to us today.

Click here for our details.


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