Daily Focus: Ideas to keep your mind healthy at work. .

Having to focus on that one thing you have to do at work can be a struggle. Perhaps even the job itself. Take some handy hints and smash it during the day job!


  1. Listen To Music

Take yourself a away, even if only for three minutes. Your favourite song could be the motivation to your day. Sometimes it is good just to slip away from reality and get engrossed in the lyrics of a song that is really doing it for you. That one task can be tackled head on with a great motivational track. With a song having a familiar memory attached to it music is more the medicine than you think

2. Break From The Routine

It is all too easy to get sucked into the everyday cycle of familiarity. Turn up, do your job, go home. Shake it up a bit. Turn up via a different route, do your job from a different location, go home the long way. Just simple breaks from the ‘norm’ will engage the brain and offer a different outlook on life.

Take a lunch break at work? Go outside and have it from a different location. Summer is on the way and somehow food tastes better in the sunshine. If you are feeling very energetic there is nothing like a quick work out or jog during the lunch break to help you focus for the final push of the day! Don’t forget the Lynx.

3.  Avoid The Phone

Airplane modeYes you want to check Facebook and Sky News but ditch the phone for the day. Many personal trainers ask clients to leave their mobiles in their lockers in order to focus with the health goals.

The same can be applied to work. It is all too easy to reach into our pocket to check out the latest trivia but think of the feeling you will get once the job has been done. Airplane mode ON!


4. Have a Goal

Targets to hit, reports to write, clients to deal with. Put the social life on hold (temporarily) and get on with the job. Have a focus for the coming weekend like a pub night, bottle of wine or get some mates around to your’s. Put everything on hold and save it for when the job is done.

5. Eat, sleep, repeat

Geno1Having the right diet will help the daily tick list go quicker than you can say Friday. Bagging that takeaway the night before will only give you a lull the next day, making things slow and unfocused. Swap the coffee for green tea for extra metabolism boosting effects.

Hitting the sack early as grabbing some decent ‘zeds’ will become a welcome wonder in the morning. Keep healthy, stay sharp and win. There is plenty of time over the weekend to relax…and have that take out.


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Ben Glover


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