FOUR Ways To Enjoy The Sunshine (without using your smartphone or tablet!)

Summer is en route and it is time to make the most of it. With technology hindering our enjoyment is it time to go back to the old school?

We live in a world with some great technology. Only fifteen years ago babies born prematurely didn’t have a greater chance of survival compared to today, road deaths have decreased thanks to the safety tech in vehicles and more people are smashing it through personal barriers they now don’t have. We have certainly evolved.

One thing does remain and that is the smartphone. Back in the 80’s or 90’s computers were the size of a house, mobile phones were brick size and personal stereos, compared to today, looked like your Nan’s hi-fi stack. It is amazing to think that all those things have now condensed into one pocket size device.

I love the tech that has gone into it, I cannot live without it. When we leave our mobiles behind our reaction is like losing a friend for the day. However, as I am the dad of two young boys something suddenly hit me. I was playing in the local park, the youngest was on the swings whilst no.1 was playing football with some mates. Not a smartphone in sight. And I hate to use the phrase ‘back in the day’ but if you think about it our entertainment was made without the apps, taking selfies or Snap Chatting.

Here are four great ways to enjoy the sun – the old fashioned way:


Letterbox StampsSounds like some mischief we used to get up to as kids, knocking on the door and legging it! This really is fun. Boxes are left all over the National Park of the New Forest and Dartmoor. You have search on line for the the start point of which has a box with a stamp and card. It then gives you a clue to the location of the next one. Each one you mark your own card to see how many you can achieve in a day and not a sign of Google Maps anywhere. Just a paper map and a compass.

Think of it as ‘walking golf’ without the balls. Check out this blog for a review.

Still missing your phone? why not use it for Geocaching. Kind of the same as the above but using your mobile phone.

Frisbee Baseball

It was all about the ‘Aerobie’, the longest flying frisbee around. Nothing could beat trying to get the hoop to land on your arm. Now it just got better. Using a baseball field the “batter” throws a disc as far as he can (if the field is short you can add the rule that if the disc goes over the fence it’s an out). If the disc is caught by a fielder they’re out. If the disc is picked up and thrown to first base and caught by the baseman before the batter gets there then they’re out but if the first baseman drops the disc then the runner is safe. The rules generally follow that of baseball except there is no pitcher.

Go For A Drive

open road hd wallpaperAsk yourself this, when was the last time you went for a drive? I don’t mean hit the shops or pop around to the parent’s to get your Sunday lunch, a proper drive? Get into your car, fill up the tank and go until you either just stop or end up somewhere you have never been to before. In the vicinity of our serviced properties we are very lucky.

From the stunning view upon Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth to the beaches of Hill Head there is a delicious variety of places to be. And of course the New Forest with it’s stunning roads and wildlife. You never know who you might meet, where you end up. Why not even head over to the Isle Of Wight and blast it around the amazing coastal roads. One thing is for sure it will be -different from yesterday.


guy_reading_on_a_daisy_field_hiYep, remember doing that with a good old book? There is nothing wrong with a Kindle but somehow it does not replace the magic of holding paper in your hand and getting lost in the pages. What’s more go for a walk, find a place to set down and lose yourself.

With many of our serviced apartments you can enjoy the delight of a garden or relax on a balcony looking across the water.

Technology is great. Life, sometimes, without it is better…


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