Do These As Soon As You Wake Up

It is obvious that waking up is the first thing you do, it sets you up for the day. Fire up the personal turbo in your system with these simple techniques from your home. You’re welcome.

Drink TWO Glasses of Water

exercise-at-homeDowning two glasses of water as soon as you wake up boosts metabolism and can provide you with the energy you need for the first sixty minutes into the new day. Your brain is mostly water and has been quite active while you have slept processing all that data from the day before. It will be thirsty, give it a drink.

Exercise Little

Build muscle, lose weight, hit the gym blah blah. While it is good to stay fit and healthy you do not have to pump iron or hit the treadmill for hours on end. Working up a sweat is good but can be achieved with little effort. Work a 10 x 3 strategy: ten sit ups, ten press ups, ten squats. And that is it. Progress and add more when you feel like it. Starting your day like this releases key components and the right chemicals to start your day. Men, the more leg exercises the better. Doing lower body moves like squats for example release testosterone – a key factor to boosting your day and feeling pumped!

Warm Water and Lemon

lemonwaterAdding a slice of lemon to a warm glass of water is one of the best rehydration tips after waking up. Vitamin C is good for flushing out the toxins, boosting potassium and generally helps fight off the common cold. It is a good fat fighter and will love breaking down the dodgy cells on your body.

Leave The Phone

What is the first thing we do when we wake up? Check our smartphones to see what action happened while we were in the land of nod. Facebook can wait. As soon as you wake get up, do the above and grab a shower. Your body will thank your brain.


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