The Apps Perfect For Travellers

At Town or Country we aim to make life as easy as possible. Free fast WiFi, a fully equipped kitchen and a place to park. We even make your bed. But life just got even easier with some ground breaking apps. Isn’t life good.

Open Table

screen322x572 (2)

Open Table is an incredibly useful app for those that love to have spontaneous dinners out with friends but are put off by the hassle of booking a last minute table or, worse still, waiting around for one to open up.
This app provides you with everything you need to quickly and easily choose a local restaurant, from independent reviews, available times and the menu to local restaurants, perfect from your apartment in Southampton or Portsmouth.

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This app is great for the lost, the indecisive or the plain forgetful as it will pretty much locate anything you might need to find within a short space of time.
It enables you to search for anything, from your nearest coffee shop or cash-point to a petrol station or cinema at some of the south’s best eateries.
If you have ever felt the frustration of having taken a photo of a document on your phone only to upload it onto your computer to realize that it is illegible, then this is a handy app for you.
It enables you to actually scan an image with your phone and then upload it to your computer as a PDF, providing an accurate and useful image!

screen322x572 (1)

Thanks to this app, you will never have to feel the crushing disappointment that comes with finding out your favourite artist is coming to town only to realize the tickets sold out weeks ago. With our properties located in cities that entice some amazing gigs it’s the perfect pocket pal.
Songkick connects to personal  iTunes and Spotify accounts and tracks your musical preferences, before automatically prompting you when our favorite artists announce a new set of tour dates or album releases.


If you have difficulty thinking of, never mind remembering, the tons of unique passwords that you need for all of your accounts, then this app will create and remember them for you.
As it is even Touch ID compatible, you can log into the app and then you into your chosen account with just a couple of taps, perfect for remembering your lock box number when you come to collect your keys from us.

Sleep Cycle

screen568x568 (2)

Nothing improves our productivity like a good night’s sleep; the problem is that such a goal is not always easy to attain.

That is where Sleep Cycle, the alarm clock like no other, can really help. It analyses your sleep and wakes you up, within a specified 30 minute window, at the lightest part of your sleep and ensures that you are refreshed once you are stirred.

And what better way to relax then in the comfort of our serviced properties.

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