Simply Does It: Sweet Jacket

We know you have a busy lifestyle and that is why we aim to make life as simple as we can. Make the most of our fully equipped cooking space with this delicious less than 15 minute snack!

The grub:

X1 sweet potato

X1 tin of tuna or filling of your choice

A handful of broccoli
The rub:

Boil a pan of fresh water and cook the broccoli (best steamed) for about 5 minutes. Any longer and you’ll lose the good stuff!

As the broccoli hits the heat wash the spud and prick a few times with a knife. They are tough little things and so a fork may not do it. Careful with the knife, no one wants extra red sauce. Use your serviced property microwave to cook the potato for about 5 mins on full power. Check after 2 and turn it over until soft.

As you cook bang together the tuna, a bit of Mayo, black pepper and set aside.

Cut open a cross like incision at the top of the jacket (I like to pretend I am surgeon) and squash in the tuna mix.

Pop out the broccoli and bomba – instant 2 of your 5 a day!


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