Are you hydrated enough? Probably not.

As our guests we know it is hard to keep a balanced work and social lifestyle mixed in with being healthy. And did you know just one simple glass of water can work wonders for the body? Check out the latest blog from our friends at the Lyndhurst clinic.


Are you drinking enough water?

80% of our guests are not drinking enough water to stay healthy and hydrated. Pure water is important for your health and your weight. Keeping hydrated is essential especially now the warmer weather is here. Soft drinks and caffeinated drinks can act as a diuretic and can dehydrate you or contain sugars which will only deteriorate your health. An easy guideline to follow is around 8 glasses a day about 2 ltrs. This may be too much for some and not enough for others so you need to listen to your body.

How to know when you need more water…

· Thirst
· Fatigue, mood swings
· Hungry
· Achy
· Dry dehydrated skin
· Infrequent urination, dark urine
· Constipation
· Heart burn
· Confusion
· AnxietyUrine colour test
· High Cholesterol

“But I don’t like water”…….heard so often so here are some simple tips to add a little flavour to your water. Simply add some fresh lemon or lime, lemon water has some fabulous health benefits by keeping the body alkalized. Sliced cucumber or mint can add a refreshing twist.

Try coconut water, it’s a natural source of potassium and electrolytes so a great natural sports energy drink. Look for one that has no additives.

Listen to your body and remember thirst is the first signal your body will give you to tell you it needs water, then fatigue and moodiness will kick in. The best way to gauge your hydration levels is the colour of your urine. On average a healthy number of wee’s is 7 or 8 times a day and it should be a light pale yellow colour.

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