Parenting Hacks

Whether you are racking up some QT in your serviced property or own home these are some of the best parenting hacks of the week!

Hack1 Sink/tap extender. 

Some taps are just too far away, especially if you are a small person! If you have used up a lotion bottle carefully cut it to form a channel from the tap to tiny hands.

On The Right/Left FHack2oot!

We’ve all been there and had trouble sorting our left from our right.

This cheeky novel way of helping the kids work out the correct foot is one of the most subtle we’ve seen. Cut up half a sticker, place one half in each foot so they match up when it is time to put them up.


GlitHack3ter Lint Rolls

Kids love a bit of creative activity. In fact our properties are so spacious you can do almost any arts ‘n’ crafts you like in them And if you happen to knock over a pot of glitter nothing gathers up the ‘fairy dust’ better than a Lint roller.

No matter how hard you try though you will still find a glitter flake or two firmly planted onto the side of your face.


Clothes Dots

Having more than one sprog in the house can be havoc when it comes to sorting out the clothes.

Add the number of dots to a label to show which garment belongs to who. You’re welcome.




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