Town or Country Supports…

Shelby Ellen.

Shelby Ellen
Shelby Ellen plans to head to Romania on placement as a disability nurse.

Town or Country has always believed in a positive outlook for our guests, staff and more importantly the community in which we live. We are proud to support many UK/worldwide charities from our humble office in Oxford street, Southampton. With a passion for people it was a yes from us when it came to Shelby Ellen. 

Shelby, a 20-something from Romsey, didn’t approach us asking for a small prize for her raffle we went to her after we heard something brave and amazing was about to take place in her life. Shelby is training to be a nurse, not just any nurse but one that specialises in learning disabilities. As part of her placement she chose to head to Romania to help with the children in it’s many orphanages in the country. It is still scary to think that even as part of the EU Romania still plays host to many children who are either rejected by no choice of their own or for the fact their blood parents are unable to cope.

I remember back in the late 80’s an episode of ‘Challenge Anneka’ where host Anneka Rice was tasked to refurbish and in essence rebuild lives as well as the physical properties.  A moment that saw tears not just from the presenter, the crew but all who were watching it at the time. It remains as one of the most watched episodes of that programme. Global-Impact-Romania

Now, decades later the problem still exists and it is people like Shelby who want to donate their own time and money into a project. Shelby will be attached to the great work of The Life Foundation – giving young people a better chance to a quality of life with as much normality as possible. Not only does this hinge on the orphanage itself but hospital placements.

Yes, of course it is great for the portfolio but I feel the soul will gain the most satisfaction. Town or Country were only too happy to help.


Shelby lives on a farm that played the part of a ‘mini theme’ park with the sole aim of hitting the £1500 needed to get to and accommodate in Romania. On arrival it was clear Shelby’s roots were filling the air as the sound of Caribbean music, the smell of delicious food and dancing caught you head on – and that was just in the car park.

Traditional stalls for the raffle were set up, there was the chance to throw a sponge at a relative, sports games, face painting and ‘Throw A Welly’ – all Great British in itself fused with the Caribbean flavours made for an outstanding combination. And no fun day is complete without a home made cake stall including auction, one barn filled with epic delights that made the mouth water on entrance. Town or Country played it’s part with a two night stay in one of our luxury apartments for the raffle.

Our donation was humble in comparison yet gratefully received as the target was smashed by over £200. We wish Shelby all the very best and we are tingling with pride that once more we have played our part in the community…and will do for many years to come.

Are you a charity or looking to raise some money for an event? Let us see if we can help.


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