Simply Does It – Emergency Egg

A busy lifestyle calls for plenty of chill time. That’s why we make life easy for you in any of our serviced properties. Why not make the most of your fully equipped kitchen and knock up a delicious 15-minute meal.


What you need:

x1 pack of microwavable rice (flavour it up for a better taste)

x1 tin/packet of fresh tuna 

A couple of eggs (depends how you want to play it!)

Handful of spinach


Place water into a pan and let it boil. Once the bubbles appear pop in the eggs. (My mum said you should, ‘Pierce a hole in them’. Unless you have one of those special devices that does this don’t bother). Set the timer to 5 minutes.

Pop the rice into the microwave and cook (approx 2 minutes if you use the one illustrated). Let it cool as it does come out piping hot!

Once the eggs are cooked remove and cool. One they are done enough to peel lay out the rice onto a plate and place a layer of the spinach on top. Then add the tuna (drain first) as another layer. Cut up the eggs into slices and…ummm…layer.


Top with a bit of black pepper, mayo as an option and viola one tasty meal.


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